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Roma Pizza - Dickson City

It's no secret that Roma Pizza, one of the more popular staples on the NEPA pizza scene was said...

Fort Cafe - Forty Fort

I haven't forgot about my Luzerne County friends thanks to JB, who stayed after me to make sur...

Newtown Cafe - Ashley

What the Heck is a "Soupy" Pizza, and Why is it so Good?! Hello again and Happy New Yea...

Nominate Your Favorite Pizzeria for NEPA Pizza Madness 2015!

The restaurant owners have had their chance to register their pizzerias for NEPA Pizza Madness 201...

Register Your Pizzeria for NEPA Pizza Madness 2015

Join the NEPA Pizza Madness Facebook Group to Catch up to the Minute Updates! REGISTRATION IS NO...

Carm's Pizza House - Tunkhannock

I have received a few emails about a new pizzeria in Tunkhannock, and a few friends who live around...

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