The Top 10 Pizzas in NEPA!

For 6 months I have traveled throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania in search of the best pizzas in the 570.  I've traveled many miles, bought many slices, trays, pies, cuts.  I've eaten Sicilian, New York, Chicago, Old Forge, Neopolitan, Deep Fried Sicilian, and just about every other kind of pizza that NEPA offers.  In 6 months, I've tried over 50 pizzas, and I've narrowed it down to the top 10 pizzas in NEPA.  Although I have not tried every single pizza, I think this is a good starting point for me to establish such a list.  So without further ado, here are the top 10 (the links lead to each review I've written, not to an external site):

10. Victory Pig Pizza - Wyoming

9. Revello's Pizza Cafe - Old Forge

8. Cara Mia's - Dunmore

7. Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza - Dickson City

6. Vincenzo's Pizzeria - West Scranton

5. Samario's Pizza - North Scranton

4. Pizza L'Oven - Exeter

3. Colarusso's Cafe - Clarks Summit

2. Basilico's Pizzeria - Dickson City

1. Armetta's Pizza - Clarks Summit

Honorable mentions: Robertos - Scranton, Luigi's - Olyphant, Sacco's - Scranton, Arcaro and Genell's - Old Forge, Maroni's - Scranton, Spuntino's - Dickson City, Da Vinci's - Lake Winola

This website has grown to way more than I thought it ever would have, and I must say I've truly had a blast writing this blog and even more fun corresponding with you - the readers.  So thank you for a wonderful 2012, it has been a pleasure being a part of the NEPA blogging community.  Now, let's debate who you think should have been #1, who should have made the list, and who should not have made the list, because that's what's fun about pizza - everyone is so passionate about it!


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  1. Waitaminute. Vince the Pizza Prince in Scranton, Arcaro's on the top of Talor Hill in Taylor and Maxie's, half in Old Forge and half in Taylor, didnt make the list? Seriously?

  2. Hey Rich. If you check out the narrative at the top, I've tried 50 pizzas out of the 100's or even 1000's of pizzas in NEPA. The 3 places you mentioned have not been reviewed yet, but Aracro's and Vince's have been submitted by readers and I plan on visiting them in early 2013. Maxie's I will add to the list. You can check that out here:

  3. Dominoes not top 10

  4. Biased opinion. This guy must work for Basilicos. I respect the hard work and detailed reviews, however, I have tried plenty of Dominoes locations across he globe but the Dominoes in Clarks Summit is 2nd to none. The recipe has been tweaked to please Allene nation but in NEPA Dominoes pizza is to die for. Top 10 my dick.

  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm not sure I can take a call for Domino's to be in the top 10 seriously with all of the amazing pizza places in the 570!

    1. Check out Armenti's pizzeria on facebook!!! Then try the pizza !! :)

    2. Giancarlo,
      This is the first I've heard of your place, is it new? I've added it to my list of places to visit on the website. What do you suggest I order?

    3. I've been open for almost 2 years now. I have alot of different styles , including the Brooklyn, Jersey Tomato Pie,New York style, Grandma and the Sicilian. If you come for slices especially on Thurs and Fridays, i have a large selection of slices including the Stuffed cheesesteak, BLT, and Chick Parm ( fresh breaded chicken cutlet, not chicken tenders). Thank you for replying back, hope to see you soon !! You can check out the menu on

    4. Well I will be in soon, especially since it seems like I can get a quick slice and go. I'll say hello after the review is done, but I like to work anonymous so I don't get special treatment! What's the house specialty? I'll be sure to order one of those slices.

  6. buona pizza in green ridge should of been in that top 10 seriously

  7. Brooke,
    I didn't review Buona in Green Ridge in 2012, only Buona on Lackawanna Avenue so it wouldn't qualify for the top 10 of 2012. Is it the same recipe? If not, I'll bump it up my priority list!

  8. I have to say you need to go to Uncle Charlie's Bella Pizza in New Milford. As far as the top 2 picks you can't go wrong! Basillico's is owned and run by an Long Island, NY family that has been doing pizza for generations at Montana's in Freeport, NY.

    1. I'll tell you what, it's not very often that I hear of a new place in NEPA, but that's new to me. Wait, is the name "Uncle Charlie's Bella Pizza" or is it just "Bella Pizza" that used to be in Clifford/Nicholson/LaPlume? What do you recommend up there in New Milford?

  9. While building up that list of places you gotta are a few more. There is a little know, almost 'cult' place in a neighborhood near the Taylor/Old Forge border called Mary Lou's Pizza (209 Dunn Ave, Old Forge). It is take out only. You obviously must order ahead and they are only open a few days a week so call to see. Some folks think the sauce is particularly 'special'... OF style red in particular.

    Another OF place that some swear by is Sacchetti's on Oak St.

    Oh, you should consider is Augustine's (old Club 17) on Main St. at the Taylor-OF border. They used to sell a lot and still have a following including being found in some supermarkets in "ready to bake" section. It is a cheesy OF style with decent sauce. (And as a bonus, they make a mean Texas Wiener...only in NEPA ;-) )

    You can scout all these out at one time since they are all near each other and on the way to/from Maxi's on Keyser Ave, where you can sit at the old bar and enjoy a Lager draft.

    Each of these will have someone who swears by them...gotta love the pizza wars ;-)

  10. Jim,
    Funny you should mention Mary Lou's as I've been being told to get there for about a year now by someone who swears by it. I've actually set out to go there at least a handful of times and they haven't been open, but as you said they are only open certain days. ML's is at the top of my list to try this spring/summer. I can't wait to review it. I've also added your recommendations to my list as I look forward to rating the top Old Forge pizzas in NEPA! Thanks for the comment!



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