NEPA Pizza Madness Round 2 Results and Recap

NEPA Pizza Madness - Round 2 Results

So after 2 fast and furious rounds of voting over the course of 3 weeks, the Saucy 16 is set!  That's right, the NEPA Nation has selected 16 of the area's finest pizzerias to represent them and move on.  Round 1 provided 25,838 votes over the course of about a 2 week period and there were several shocking upsets.  Round 2 took place over just a 1 week period, but netted an astounding 27,396 votes in support of the 570's favorite small business pizzerias.  There was plenty of excitement throughout the entire week, but the last 2 hours of competition again provided the fireworks to ignite the #NEPANation.  The battle of the round pan pizzas pitted the overall top vote earner from round 1, Angie's Pizza (Dickson City), against the very popular underdog Pizza by Pappas (Scranton).  Angie's fluffy round pizza took the early lead and maintained it by as many as 2,000 votes all week long, but Pappa's was not to be intimidated by their popularity and social media sharing.  Pappa put on a voting barrage to close the massive 2,000 vote gap with only hours to go, and even finished ahead by a comfortable margin.  Can we see a strategy developing for the later rounds here?  One thing is for sure, both of these competitors deserve a ton of praise because they were by far the highest vote earners on the board.  NEPA Nation, show them both some love by heading to their, and any other small business pizzeria this #pizzafriday and order your dinner from them.  They deserve it.

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Pizza Plus (Scranton), who was also active on social media edged out a competitive matchup against Ghigiarelli's (Old Forge) while Maroni's (Scranton) surged ahead in the closing minutes to defeat Salerno's (Old Forge).  These two Scranton victories leaves only 2 Old Forge Pizzerias to do battle against 2 Scranton Pizzeria's.  Can Old Forge defend its turf in it's own bracket?  Heavyweights Revello's Cafe and Arcaro and Genell will defend the rectangular pizza title against the pizzerias from Scranton.  Only you can decide who will move on!


In Luzerne County action, the Dough Company (Wilkes-Barre) handled Two Italian Guys (Hazleton) to advance to the Saucy 16.  Angelo's (Wilkes-Barre) and Pizza Perfect (Trucksville) were essentially tied for the entire matchup with Angelo's winning by about 50 votes.  Another see-saw battle between Ricci's (Wilkes-Barre) and Victory Pig (Wyoming) ended with Ricci's pulling out a win.

In the Lackawanna Region, Nicholas Pizza (Scranton) stayed hot by taking care of business over Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza (Dickson City).  Grande Restaurant used their facebook prowess to take down the favored Amberdonia Bakery.  Armetta's (Clarks Summit) also followed up a strong performance by taking down Scranton's best kept secret - Pizza House.  Local social media celebrity, and most creative promoter of NEPA Pizza Madness, Joe's Pizza (Nanticoke) took down the overall #1 seed, and my pick to win it all - Basilico's Pizza (Dickson City).  Pizza Bella (Kingston) nearly battled Grotto Pizza (Wilkes-Barre) to a tie, but slipped by narrowly to advance.  Buona Pizza (Scranton) and Luigi's Pizza (Olyphant) also took their excellent New York Style Pizzas to dance in the Saucy 16.

Although some pizzerias are moving on and some are not, there are no losers here in NEPA Pizza Madness.  To the pizzeria owners who are having fun with this and supporting the tournament, I thank you because I run this website to support you and raise awareness for what I consider to be the best pizza area in the world.  I know that you as business owners have a million things to do, and voting on a little contest like this is not easy to find time for, but just know I appreciate what you do, and I will do all that I can to support (and help improve) every pizzeria in NEPA.  So thank you all, and onward to the SAUCY 16!!


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