NEPA Pizza Madness Round 4 Results and Recap

Since we launched NEPA Pizza Madness on February 18th, the contest has grown with immense popularity and has seen huge support from both pizza enthusiasts and restaurant owners.  The has smashed all sorts of traffic records and the NEPA Nation continues to support its favorite small businesses and bring exposure to others.  Check out the voting totals for each round so far:


Round 1 - 25,838 Votes
Round 2 - 27,396 Votes
Round 3 - 17,490 Votes
Round 4 - 28,918 Votes
Total through 4 Rounds 99,642

This is a huge number of votes in just a short amount of time, so thank you for everyone who has voted and continues to do so with only 2 weeks left until we name the NEPA Nation Champion!

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Cheesy 8 Results

Revello's Cafe (Old Forge) 4,637 vs Maroni's Pizza (Scranton) 5,233
In a battle of two of NEPA's pizza heavyweights, we saw competitors with rich history, a cult-like following, increasing social media presences, and of course great pizza doing battle.  There were several lead changes during the week, and Revello's was leading heading into the final day, but a last minute facebook surge put Maroni's over the top for the win of this epic matchup!

The Dough Company (W-B) 2,717 vs Ricci's Pizza (W-B) 2,479
The "Battle of Wilkes-Barre" was easily the closest and most competitive matchup.  All week long, only about 200 votes separated the two.  In the end, it was again the social media prowess of the Dough Company calling on its followers to rock the vote!

Grande Restaurant (Moosic) 5,497 vs Nicholas Pizza (Scranton) 6,489
This matchup turned into a social media see-saw with both places sharing their links and beckoning their customers to vote for them!  These two fine contestants were very close the entire way with Nicholas pulling ahead and closing strong late in the game.

Joe's Pizza (Nanticoke) 7,120 vs Luigi's Pizza (Olyphant) 4,080
Social media magnate Joe's Pizza has truly been a force to be reconed with in this tournament.  His clever photoshop photos and consistent online posts have made it difficult for anyone to compete.  Luigi's put up a great fight by earning one of the higher vote totals for any team in any round, but Joe kept the contest out of reach from the start.

Floury Four Outlook

The Cheesy 8 was our most popular round yet, and the winners have advanced to what should prove to be a very exciting and competitive Floury 4. Who picked these four to represent NEPA?  My bracket was busted early on, but I am so thrilled for these pizzerias and all of the others who may have received exposure through this contest!  So we have Maroni's taking on The Dough Company and Nicholas taking on Joe's - both matchups of Lackawanna vs Luzerne county!  The Floury Four can have implications on which County has better pizza, so where do you stand?  Does your county have what it takes to advance to the NEPA Nation Championship?  Who will win the one month of free advertising and the right to call themselves the NEPA Pizza Madness Champion 2014?  You vote and decide!

(Restaurant owners have my permission to print and post the bracket in their establishment if they so choose)


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