NEPA Pizza Madness Round 5 Results and Recap

As we have progessed in this tournament, I sort of thought that the number of votes would decrease because the number of pizzerias got cut in half every round.  Boy was I wrong!  The pizzerias became more social media savvy and called on their customers to support them, causing a competition like we've never seen before!  Total votes cast in this round were 93,486.  This is important because it really emphasises what we've been talking about all tournament - that social media matters.  Not just in this little contest, but in gaining a following and promoting your business online to gain a larger customer base.  I commend all of the pizzerias in this contest, but especially those in the floury four who need to be mentioned by name (please consider clicking the links to their individual facebook pages and liking them):

The Dough Company - Wilkes-Barre also on twitter @thedoughcompany

Nicholas Pizza - Scranton

Joe's Pizza - Nanticoke also on twitter @JoesNanticoke

Maroni's Pizza - Scranton

These heavyweight contenders battled it out for NEPA Nation supremacy and there were no losers because so much exposure and awareness was gained for everyone.  I constantly have people asking me who these places are and telling me they need to try them since they advanced so far.  So to me, my goal of promoting small business has already been acheived, but we march on through the madness to the NEPA Nation Championship!  Well, who's in???  Here's how it all shook out:


The Dough Company vs Maroni's Pizza
Two very different pizzerias with rich history, great pizza, and strong followings did battle all week long with several lead changes.  The voting picked up speed as the week progressed.  Maroni's began to build a tiny lead on the final day and maintained a razor thin margin in the final hours over the resilient Dough Company.  The final score was Maroni's 17,788 and Dough Co 17,496, which is so close it's not even funny.  Maroni's Advances to the Finals.

Joe's Pizza vs Nicholas Pizza
This matchup was a total voting explosion from the minute that I posted the survey.  These horses were off to the races right out of the gate.  Nicholas built a several thousand vote lead before Joe took to facebook to call on his followers to rock the vote with his super clever "Pizza Crush" game.  In the end, the creativity and frequency of social media posts was just too much to overcome despite both teams setting new voting records and rewriting the history books.  Final Score: Joe's Pizza 33,825 vs Nicholas Pizza 31,765. Joe's Advances to the Finals.


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