A list of some of my media appearances and publishing over the years!

Fredi The Pizza Man Podcast (3/18/16) - Guest appearance to talk about NEPA Pizza Madness

Froggy 101 - Who Has the Best Pizza in NEPA? (3/16/17) - Radio interview with Doc and Jessie talking pizza!

Where to Eat Pizza - The Expert Guide to the Best Pizza Places in the World (2016).  Organized a team of foodies and published in book listing NEPA Pizzerias among the best in the world!

Fredi the Pizza Man Podcast (2016) - guest on the Fredi the Pizza Man radio show - multiple appearances.

PA Live! - Blog of the Week (7/20/15) - Selected as blog of the week.

PizzaSpotz - Great Pizza Blogs (2014) - NEPA Pizza Review featured on

NEPA Blog Con - Food Blog of the Year (2013) - Voted as the #1 food blog in NEPA! 

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