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NEPA Pizza Review was founded on a secret shopper style visits pizzerias in Northeastern PA, but has expanded to major metropolitan cities, pizza tips and tricks articles, recipes, social media insight, and pizza product reviews.  This site has come a long way in its 5 year history, and it will keep on growing!

NEPA Pizza Review is now formally offering professional review services for pizza related products.  Whether it is a pizza oven, pizza stone, pizza spices, kitchen gadgets, pizza sauces, cheeses, dough or anything pizza related I would love the opportunity to review your product!  I generally do the reviews at no cost if a sample or discount is provided to me.  I am a highly ranked reviewer on and also review all kinds of products on that site.

My reviews can be as simple as an amazon review, but can be testimonials for your corporate website, or even a feature article complete with pictures and links on my site.  I love to give my honest opinion and highlight the main features of everything I review.  I also like to recommend great products to my thousands of followers on multiple social media outlets so that they can enjoy them as well!  If you have a new product that you would like reviewed, please contact me at  I'd love to hear from you!

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