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Restaurant: Electric City Pizza Location: Scranton, PA Date: September 2012 Pizzas Ordered: Large Round, Large Round Hot Wing  Price:...

Restaurant: Electric City Pizza
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: September 2012
Pizzas Ordered: Large Round, Large Round Hot Wing 
Price: $12.00, $16.50
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

My new favorite way to try pizza is to seek recommendations from my readers.  Based on a recommendation from a NEPA twitter user, I headed to Electric City Pizza in Scranton to help cater my weekly Sunday Football party.  I am a little familiar with the place, as I've heard about it from friends and had lunch there once or twice about 5 years ago.  I was most impressed that when I called, the person on the phone told me that it would be only 15 minutes to pick up my pies.  I ordered a plain large and a large hot wing pizza, and just as advertised the pizzas were ready right on time.

First up, we tried the cheese pizza.  The thing that catches your eye the most is the crust, which is very soft, chewy and devoid of even the slightest bit crunchiness.  I watched the pizza get cooked on a screen as it exited the conveyor oven, so this is to be expected with this cooking method.  It's also so thick and fluffy that I'd have a hard time calling it New York Style.  There was a really nice amount of sauce which did not have bad flavor and consistency.  It was a simple sauce, not really sweet, but slightly bitter.  These are pretty good quality tomatoes, and isn't over-seasoned so it is balanced well.  The cheese is an average to below average quality, but cooked thoroughly.  Overall, I felt like this pizza is a "Cafeteria Pizza" which is not the type of pizza I try to seek out.  I would bet that it would be very consistent because of the ingredients are simple, and the conveyor oven with the pizzas being cooked on screens are literally impossible to mess up.  If you are ordering pizza here, it's a good place to order toppings to give the pie some substance.  I did enjoy the flavor of the fluffy crust, and wish I ordered a side of marinara sauce to dip it in, because it reminds me of a soft breadstick.

Up next, it was time to try the hot wing pizza.  I was not impressed by the look of the pizza, as it appeared it was just a sauceless pizza with a little chicken sprinkled on top, and a few squirts of hot sauce.  The taste test netted the identical crust and cheese so we don't need to revisit those items.  I found the hot sauce to be quite good, and is a perfect sauce for a buffalo pizza.  It has a little sweetness and not too much heat, I don't think I'd like it on actual chicken wings, but for the purpose of a hot wing pie, this is a winner.  I was very disappointed in the amount of chicken that was provided.  It took 6 bites of a slice to even get to my first taste of the chicken.  Any pizza with toppings should have enough toppings that are sprinkled evenly where you get a piece in almost every bite.  This was not the case on this pie, and I felt like I got ripped off at the steep price of $16.50.  I don't mind paying a premium price for a downtown Scranton restaurant, but you can't slice up 2 chicken fingers, sprinkle them on a pizza and call it a gourmet pie.

Where I did not like either pizza, I am probably in the minority here as the neutral flavors have mass appeal to everyone.  The metro style of this place, quick service, and having Subway under the same roof make this a great place to stop for a weekday lunch.  If I worked downtown, I'd certainly stop in on a consistent basis because this place is known to be fast and consistent.  Since these pies were very similar, and I felt equally strongly about both of them, I will rate them together below.

Electric City Pizza Menu 1 of 2
Electric City Pizza Menu 2 of 2

Crust:  1.5/5
Sauce:  3/5
Cheese: 2/5
Overall Taste: 2/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 1/5
Overall Value: 0.5/5

The Bottom Line:

I wasn't thrilled with either pizza or the high price I paid for them, but I always relent to the masses and acknowledge that many people will like this neutral and fluffy pizza
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