Buona Pizza - Scranton, PA

Restaurant: Buona Pizza
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: September 2012
Pizza Ordered: New York Style Slice
Price: $2.00
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Buona pizza (pronounce BUA-NA to the locals) is a no-nonsense, cut to the chase lunch spot on Lackawanna Avenue near the Steamtown Mall in Scranton. I walked in one evening for a quick dinner on the run, asked for “2 cuts and a drink” and within 2 minutes I was seated at my 1970’s bright orange booth eating my pizza. The business is longstanding in the area, and beloved by many.

Since this is a no-nonsense establishment, I’m going to make this a no-nonsense review and keep it brief! This traditional thin crust New York style pizza is quite tasty, and has a lot of flavor resonating from the well seasoned sauce. I detect a healthy amount of oregano and granulated garlic in the sauce which really flavors the whole pie. The cheese is also very tasty, of a decent quality, and isn’t too salty. The crust was my favorite part, as it was crispy, cooked to perfection, and had a nice flavor and consistency. Overall, the pizza didn’t knock my socks off, but it was fast, flavorful, and I was done with dinner within minutes of walking through the door. I’d recommend this as a great lunch spot for anyone in the downtown area. I don’t think I’d classify Buona as a family dinner spot, but you can judge for yourself. Give it a try!

Crust: 3/5
Sauce: 3.5/5
Cheese: 3/5
Overall Taste: 3/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 5/5
Overall Value: 2.5/5

If you are looking for frills, an expansive menu, and to be waited on hand and foot - Buona is not for you.  If you are looking to have a solid slice of pizza fast with no nonsense, get downtown and grab yourself a slice!

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