Best Places to Find Gluten Free Pizza in NEPA

The best part about pizza blogging is talking to people about pizzas they enjoy, and getting their thoughts on their favorites.  I also get to learn a great deal about different pizzas, and in this case I had 2 different people approach me about Gluten-Free pizza in the same day.  I've heard of GF pizza before and seen it on a few menus through the years, but never thought too much about it and wish I had earlier because some people cannot have gluten due to an intolerance.  I don't claim to be an expert on the topic, but I've made it my goal to provide a growing list of places that serve GF pizza, which I will also rate one day.  I encourage you to send in any suggestions you have and I will immediately update the list.
  • Sabatini's Pizza - Exeter (@NEPABeerReviews) I recently reviewed Sab's regular round pie, and people seem to swear by it, so it would certainly be worth a try if you are looking for a gluten free pie.
  • Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza - Dickson City (@NEPApizzareview) I had rave reviews for their pizza, and saw on their menu that they had GF offerings. Based on the quality of the pie I had, I would have a high degree of confidence in
  • Domino's Pizza - Most Locations (Vegas) I met Vegas at a luncheon, and he can only eat gluten free pizza.  Domino's is the only place he is aware of that offers a GF pie, and enjoys it at least once a week.
  • Grotto Pizza - Wilkes-Barre (@almartino) I've eaten Grotto pizza quite a few times in my day, and they always have a consistent product and a faithful following so I wouldn't doubt they put together a decent gluten free pizza.
  • Eden a Vegan Cafe - Scranton (@almartino) I don't know much about this place, but I hear it offers GF pizza.  It's website doesn't explicitly say it offers GF, but I did see some reviews on the web citing this offering.
  • Uno Chicago Grill - Dickson City (Slick) I've only been to Uno a couple of times, and actually never had their pizza, but the website claims that "we were the first in casual dining to offer Gluten-Free pizza.  They also have an entire gluten free menu of other offerings.
  • J-Angelo's - Shickshinny This user submitted a review saying that "Pizza was not as greasy as a Dominoes GF Pizza. Crust was frozen so it was thicker than the normal pizza. Crust was crisp. Sauce is on the sweeter side and just the correct amount of cheese. In the world of GF this pizza was slightly above average."
  • Elegante Restaurant and Pizzeria - Honesdale (Gluten Free Poconos) I'm told that Elegante makes personal sized gluten free pizzas.  They also have GF pasta offerings, so this is a very GF friendly establishment.
  • Joe and Lorenzo's - Hawley, PA (Gluten Free Poconos) also has Gluten Free Pizza and Gluten Free Pasta available
  • Frank's Place - Simpson (NEPA Pizza Review) Although I did not try the GF pizza here, I did review the regular pizza and noticed that they offer GF.  It's a really awesome place to eat and drink!


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