McGraths Pub and Eatery - Dalton, PA

Restaurant: McGrath's Pub and Eatery
Location: Dalton, PA
Date: October 2012
Pizza Ordered: Square Plain & Pepperoni

Price: $11.00
Eat In/Take Out: Take out

McGrath's is a place where I have visited many times over the years, but never for the pizza - if you know what I mean! Since it is football season, I get a chance to try a variety of pizzas based on what my friends bring to our Saturday and Sunday gatherings. On this day, McGraths was brought to the party, and I was eager to try it.

Upon first glance, the pie appeared to be magnificently cooked and prepared with the cheese being melted perfectly and the sauce and cheese spread evenly to the edges. With a nice presentation to begin with, I took my first bite and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of flavor in this pie. The mozzerella cheese was of a very good quality with a pretty high moisture content that isn't easy to pull off on a square pizza. The sauce, which was generously applied, was simplistic, yet well seasoned and pretty tasty. The tomatoes were pureed, so there wasn't much body and chunkiness to the sauce at all. Overall, it had a good flavor and was enjoyable. Finally, the crust was your standard store-bought crust which was slightly burned on the bottom, but not bad enough to ruin the pizza.

Overall, I'd have to call this pizza a "square pizza" rather than an old forge because of the simplistic makeup of mozzerella cheese and sauce that isn't cooked beforehand. I would have to say that this is a pretty good pie that a lot of people would enjoy. I'd recommend it to the local people of NEPA.

Crust: 2/5
Sauce: 2.5/5
Cheese: 3.5/5
Overall Taste: 3.25/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 2/5
Overall Value: 2.5/5

Similar to: Hotel Almont (without bleu cheese)

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