Bellissimo - Clarks Summit, PA

Bellissimo Pizzeria and Restaurant has Permanently Closed

Bellissimo is conveniently located in "the notch" in Clarks Summit (Chinchilla).  It's been known in the past as Sabatini's and a few other places.  It's latest iteration is a half Italian, half Mexican restaurant with a full bar.  When I arrived, it was obvious that the Italian side is just that - an Italian restaurant, and not a pizzeria.  They do serve pizza, so it does warrant me trying it!  I ordered a 10" pizza for $7.50, and when it was delivered to my pizza it was like a personal pizza, but looked pretty good.

The pizza's outer crust was pretty thick and fluffy with a nice char on it.  The sauce was applied plentifully, and the cheese looked pretty good as well.  On the surface things were looking good.  Then I picked up my first slice and it was a soggy, flimsy, and suddenly not so great.  I looked at the dough, which was still raw, and not even half way through, presumably because it wasn't cooked long enough and because it was cooked on a screen and not directly on the oven brick.  The sogginess of the crust really took away from the pizza, which is a shame because I actually liked the sauce, which was hearty, had body and substance, and was delicately seasoned to perfection.  The cheese was average to slightly above average and quite tasty.

Overall, this review isn't very long because this pizza is really just an appetizer, not a destination for someone to go out for pizza.  If anything, I'd recommend you head to Bellissimo for dinner and if you want to have an appetizer, this pizza is certainly serviceable.

Restaurant: Bellissimo Pizzeria and Restaurant
Location: Clarks Summit, PA
Date: December 2012
Pizza Ordered: 1 Small Pizza

Price: $7.50
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 2/5
Sauce: 4/5
Cheese: 2.75/5
Overall Taste: 3/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 1/5
Overall Value (by slice): 2/5


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