Pizza Gifts - Great Gift Ideas for the Pizza Lover Who is Impossible to Buy For

So the Holidays are just around the corner - or maybe that special someone's birthday is rapidly approaching, but you have no idea what to get him or her.  One thing I've learned since starting this blog is that EVERYONE loves pizza!  Some people, like myself take pizza to a whole new level, but you don't need to be a pizza critic to enjoy these great gifts.  Whether the special person in your life enjoys making pizza at home or just eating it, there's something on this list that he or she will love!

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#1 - Pizza Stone
Pizza stones have been around for a while now, and they are more affordable than ever (ranging from $20-$50).  They are best used for cooking frozen pizza or reheating delivery pizza, but are also great for fresh pizza, baking french fries, appetizers or anything else that you want crispy, healthy and delicious.  They are available in several shapes including rectangular and round.  I have both!

#2 - Pizza Steel
A pizza steel is very much the same concept as the pizza stone, but kicks it up a notch!  Pizza steels get much hotter and maintain the heat for longer periods of time allowing fresh dough to cook, crisp, brown, and char just like in a New York pizzeria.  Need more information? Check out what my buddy Pizza Quixote does with a pizza steel and come on back!

#3 Stand Mixer
An essential to making your own pizza at home is a Stand Mixer with Dough Hook.  I recommend getting at least a 5 quart mixer with a tilt-back head and dough hook to get started.  Now days you can also pick from about every color in the spectrum to match your kitchen.  There are so many more things these mixers can be used for, but great pizza starts with great dough so check out these options at different price points.  You can even buy attachments to crush tomatoes or grind sausage for the rest of the pizza.

#4 Heavy Baking Pans
Making Sicilian, Chicago, Old Forge, or Pan Fried pizza on a plain old cookie sheet is not going to cut it because the pizza will never cook evenly, and I bet everyone has scorched the bottom of a pizza while the cheese was still not melted at one time or another.  The reason is that a thin pan doesn't absorb and distribute heat across the entire bottom of the pizza and aide the cooking process.  A heavy pan will always produce far superior results by protecting the bottom and allowing the middle and top of your pizza to cook properly.  I recommend seasoned pans like the ones below.

#5 Pizza Peel
When your making a pizza, taking them out of the oven with oven mitts become difficult, especially when you are checking on the pies frequently and you want to see what the bottom looks like.  One tried and true solution is an inexpensive pizza peel.  Pizzerias around the world use this simple device, why can't you?  They come in wood or metal, I own and prefer wood because that's what I've always worked with in my pizzeria days and the pizza doesn't slide off of it as easily, but metal has its advantages too - such as more easily lifting a pizza out of a pan.

#6 Pizza Docker
If that special someone likes to make thicker pizzas like Sicilian or Old Forge, then he or she will likely need a pizza docker.  This simple, yet ingenious tool pokes uniform little dimples into the dough that makes the crust more even and eliminates the monster bubbles that can clear the cheese off of an entire side of a pizza.  It's also quicker and far more effective than hammering the dough with a fork hundreds of times.  If all else fails, it can double as a great back scratcher!  I own the docker with the aluminum handle and love it.

#7 Pizza Cutter
Once the pizza is cooked, you have to cut it up before you can eat it!  There are several designs, from the traditional wheel cutter, to the rocking style cutter - even a skillsaw blade, but I recommend getting a decent one because the cheap ones that you get at the supermarket are likely to fall apart or not cut as well.  There's nothing worse than preparing a beautiful pepperoni pizza and running a dull cutter through it and it clears a trail where the cheese and pepperoni used to be!

#8 Serving Pan
Once the amazing pizza creation comes out of the oven, it has to be served up on something.  My grandmother always used to use a paper grocery bag when I was a kid, but somehow I wasn't sure that was 100% sanitary (Love ya Gram!).  Why not impress your friends and serve it up like a pro?  You worked so hard to get the pie to this point, finish it off in style!  The wooden butcher block style is gaining popularity with Old Forge pizza, and is also a handy cutting board.

#9 Pizza Cookbook
After your pizza fanatic masters the art of the dough, sauce, and cheese plain pizza he or she is going to want to spread their wings and create new pizzas.  It's very exciting to create new and tasty treats, especially when you are entertaining guests.  Get some great ideas for gourmet pizzas, improve your dough recipe, and learn which tomatoes and cheeses are best for your dream pizza!

#10 Pizza Delivered From Chicago
If all else fails, there is one gift that is unique, a little pricey, but costs less than a plane ticket to Chicago.  A friend was thoughtful enough to give me this for Christmas last year and I enjoyed it so much that I did a full review with pictures!  Check out my review of Lou Malnati's here, and get ready to part with $60-$75 for 2 pizzas!

All of these items would make great gifts for the pizza lover in your life no matter how skilled he or she is in the kitchen.  All of these items also have multiple purposes and they will be happy that there are so many useful gadgets in their kitchen after you took care of them!  If you have any questions about any of these items, please feel free to email me at

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