Serpico Pizza - Wilkes-Barre

So it was a snowy Saturday morning, and the first lady of the NEPA pizza review needed an errand run in Wilkes-Barre, and I just happen to e...

Senape's Tavern Pizza - Hazleton

As I said in my previous review of Two Italian Guys Pizza , I don't get to Hazleton very often, but it is a big part of the NEPA pizza s...

Two Italian Guys Pizzeria - Hazleton

My email box has been jam-packed for months with people suggesting I head to Hazleton to review some of their local pizzerias.  Since it'...

Samario's Pizza and Restaurant - Scranton

Samario's Restaurant Entrance. Takeout entrance to right. I was last at Samario's about a year and a half ago for a review of th...

Chicken Coop - Wilkes-Barre

The last time I was at the Chicken Coop, I was writing a review for my other (less popular and ignored) blog - the 570 Wing Review .  The wi...

Top 10 Pizzerias - NEPA Voters Select the Top 10 Pizzas in the Region

It's been two long months since we set out to name NEPA's Pizza of the Year 2013 .  We started in October by allowing the readers o...

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