Top 10 Pizzerias for Pizza Snobs in and Around Scranton

NEPA has such a diverse selection of pizzas that fit every person's unique tastes.  We have hundreds of variations of just about every genre of pizza imaginable which makes NEPA what I consider to be the best place for pizza on the planet.  The biggest knock on NEPA that I hear from people (usually those from New York, eh hem) is that the pizza is not as good as XYZ area.  Those people are usually pizza snobs, and where I enjoy just about all pizza - I have to consider myself a bit of a snob at times as well.  I clamor for high quality imported ingredients, dough made from scratch, pizza prepared the right way, and cooked with care in a high-end oven.  Of course that is not all that goes into a pizza snob's preferences, but you get the idea.  If you are looking for a little more than your above average pizza and a pizza that's a cut above the rest, these are the top 10 places you will find what you are looking for (ranked in order of NEPA Pizza Review readers' vote totals):

New York Style, Grandma, and many other gourmet pizzas done right by the friendliest family owners around!  I love the NY style, but the brooklyn and grandma are breathtaking as well.
2. Sacco's Pizza - Scranton Perhaps the most underrated pizza snob location in all of NEPA.  Try the traditional NY Style, you won't be disappointed.
3. Buona Pizza - Scranton
Generally speaking, those pizza snobs who come from New York City tend to find themselves enjoying Buona's thin crust.  Try the NY Style at the downtown location or the Chicago Style at the Green Ridge spot.
4. Basilico's Pizzeria - Dickson City
For many pizza snobs I talk to, Basilico's is the standard-bearer for high quality New York Style and gourmet pizzas.  The pizza montanaro is a hidden menu item that I highly recommend (click the link above for the full review).
5. Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City
Home of the best wood fired pizza in NEPA!  Stop in at their Dickson City or Scranton location for a flavorful and tasty treat!  Rated 5 stars here on this very website!
6. Samario's Pizza - Scranton
This place boasts several types of great pizza, but the Chicago Style is quite unique and packs a flavor punch that my fellow pizza snobs will crave.
7. Luigi's Pizza - Olyphant
Luigi's provides a great traditional New York Style pie among other types that should live up to a pizza snobs expectations!
8. Rosario's - Clarks Summit
If there are any pizza snobs in Clarks Summit, look no farther than Rosario's wide selection of high-end gourmet pizzas and new creations.  My favorite - the Grandma Pizza.
9. Cara Mia's - Dunmore
The Margherita Pizza is to die for here, and I assure you, EVERYTHING on the menu is incredible!
10. Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza - Dickson City
This modern cafe style pizzeria churns out delicious pizzas cooked in a blistering hot coal oven.  All the pizzas are great and I also recommend the coal fired wings.

Responses from NEPA Pizza Review Readers
Amberdonia Bakery - Dickson City
Armenti's Pizzeria - Olyphant
Basilico's Pizzeria - Dickson City
Buona Pizza - Scranton
Cara Mia's - Dunmore
Luigi's Pizza - Olyphant
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks Summit
Sacco's Pizza - Scranton
Samario's Pizza - Scranton
Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza - Dickson City


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