Best Looking Pizza in NEPA

Best Looking Pizza in NEPA

We crown a NEPA Pizza Madness Champion annually, I review pizzas to let you know who has the best pizza in the 570, but who has the best looking pizza?!  The "Best Looking Pizza in NEPA Contest" is the latest contest I dreamed up to promote small business in NEPA, and is essentially a beauty contest for pizza!

Here's how it works:
1.  Customers, fans, restaurant owners, and employees submit photos of your best looking pizzas to, or post pictures in the NEPA Pizza Madness Facebook Group.
2.  Include the restaurant's name, pizza name, and a description (if necessary).
3.  Once the contest begins, the world will be able to vote on, and decide who has the best looking pizza in NEPA!!

1. Email me with any rule suggestions!
2. Multiple entries will be allowed for each restaurant (within reason).
3. I'm thinking one vote per person, rather than unlimited voting.


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