Teberio's Pizza and Pub - Wilkes-Barre

Teberio's Pizza - a Hidden Gem in Luzerne County

The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza is crispy, crunchy and very tasty.  The thing that sets it apart from others is that it is a bit thinner, and it seems to be very consistent.  They also offer a sweet sauce that locals rave about!

Teberio's is Known and Beloved Locals, But Deserves Broader Recognition

I'm so grateful for my readers who always keep me up to date with the latest pizza intel on what's hot on the NEPA scene.  Over the past year, I have had quite a few people tweet, email, and message me telling me that Teberio's Pizza in Wilkes-Barre is the place to be.  Several of the recommendations came from my most reliable social media sources who keep me in the know so I knew it had to be legit.  I quickly followed Teberio's on facebook and saw that they were making a tasty looking pan-fried sicilian pizza.

Teberio's Pizza and Pub in Wilkes-Barre is one of 2 Teberio's Location.  This location is a full service bar and restaurant, where Teberio's Pizza in Luzerne is takeout only, but also offers the delicious Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza!

I don't get to Wilkes-Barre often, so when I had some business in the area I made it a point to stop by for a few slices.  I was doing a back-to-back review with Sprinkles and Shakes so I only picked up a 1/2 tray (7 cut) red sicilian.  It was hot and ready when I pulled in and when I opened the box, the pizza looked even better in person than it did on facebook.  The smell of the onions on the pizza was intoxicating and I could not wait to dig in as you can see in the video below.

This pizza had a moderate level of grease, but nothing overwhelming and that is how it is designed and I'm glad it is!  When you're just in the mood for some crispy, crunchy goodness, this crust will get the job done for you.  The sauce is pretty neutral, perhaps a bit sweet, with a slight chunkiness to it.  The cheese is likely a white cheddar blend of some kind that provides excellent flavor and a hint of saltiness.  

The crunchy bottom of Teberio's PFS pizza!

Overall, the flavor and texture combination of this pizza just works.  It's not an everyday pizza for me because it's a bit heavy, but it is darn good and I would highly recommend it to the NEPA Nation!  Thanks to those of you who sent in this recommendation!  Keep them coming!  See my ratings below.

A beautiful half-tray of Teberio's Pizza with one cut missing (I couldn't resist)!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Teberio's Pizza and Pub
Location: 59 E Thomas St, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Date: March 2017

Pizza Ordered: 7 Cut Sicilian Red (1/2 Tray)
Price: $8.50
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Crust: 8.9
Sauce: 8.5
Cheese: 7.9
Overall Taste: 9.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.9
Overall Value: 7.4

Similar to: Pizza Heaven, Pizza L'OvenSizzle Pi

Teberio's Sweet Sauce Personal Pizza.

Rating #2 - Sweet Sauce Personal Pizza
Date: August 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Dine In

Pizza Ordered: Personal Sweet Sauce Pizza
Price: $6.25
Crust: 8.4
Sauce: 7.8
Cheese: 8.1
Overall Taste: 8.4
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.4
Overall Value: 7.4


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