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Zaleski's: More than Just Wings - Expanding Into Pizza!

For more than 2 decades, Zaleski's Clubhouse has served incredible wings on Beech Street in Scranton, but recently I had been hearing that they had been expanding into the pizza world and opening a new location near the Scranton High School in the Riverfront Sports Complex.  I'd reviewed other pizzerias in this location before, but was excited to see Zaleski's spin on pizza.  I hopped in the pizza mobile and headed down.  Upon entering, I noticed that they gave the place a face lift with a modern interior and long table/booth seating which would be great for large groups after little league games or other team events.  The kitchen is wide open for viewing, which I always appreciate.  I noticed two things: first, their kitchen is very clean; and second they are using a conveyor oven to cook pizza.

I took a seat and received prompt and courteous service from the friendly waitress.  I decided to order a personal 12" pizza and an order of medium wing bites.  The 12" pizza was priced at $7.50, while the boneless wings cost $8.50.  The pizza was on my table in minutes, probably because conveyor ovens are typically more efficient at cooking a pizza.  That being said, conveyor are not my favorite means of cooking a pizza as they usually lack crispness and don't provide enough time to bring out all the flavors and textures in the crust.  Zaleski Bros, however did a nice job with the ovens by creating a recipe that works superbly well with the oven.  They packed big flavor into the cheese with a satisfying saltiness and a very vibrant, chunky, and savory sweet sauce.

Watch my YouTube Review of Zaleski Bros for a more interactive experience!

I thought $7.50 might be a bit costly for a personal pizza, but once I saw the generous amount of cheese that they piled on, I understood the price and had no issue with it.  Usually, I don't like a lot of cheese, but I found myself obsessed with this blend because of how it contrasted with the sauce and balanced the flavor profile.  The crust was crispy around the edge and soft underneath.  It was cooked very evenly as one would expect from a conveyor oven.  It was evident that this dough was fresh and carefully prepared.  Although this pizza didn't fit the type of pizza that I usually seek out, I was quite surprised at how good it was.  I would absolutely go back for another pizza and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to the NEPA Nation.

On a side note, the boneless wings were impossibly great.  The medium wing sauce was equal parts spicy, sweet, and savory.  I usually like to guess what makes up a wing sauce or any kind of food so I can reverse engineer it, but I wouldn't even venture a guess how this sauce was put together.  It was familiar to me in one sense, but had a complexity that I didn't even care to figure out.  For once, I just stopped analyzing and enjoyed the perfectly prepared buffalo bites that were before me.  I hope that Zaleski Bros does well in this location.  The two products that I tried were very good, and I see they made a smart menu design decision by offering build your own salads and smoothies in a complex that has a gym and many other athletic and physically active storefronts.  Have you tried Zaleski Bros Yet?  Let me know about your experience in the comments!

Restaurant: Zaleski Bros
Location: Scranton
Date: April 2018
Pizza Ordered: Personal Pizza
Price: $7.50
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 3/5
Sauce: 4/5
Cheese: 4.5/5
Overall Taste: 4/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 3.5/5
Overall Value: 3.5/5


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