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Angelo's Pizzeria in Wilkes-Barre has been by far the pizzeria that has been recommended to me most by readers over the years.  I have had a hard time getting there for a few reasons: travel distance, unique business hours, and the fact that Angelo's is always busy and I am not the type who likes to wait.  I've been eating pizzas in NEPA for more than 3 decades and reviewing pizzas for over 7 years, but somehow never made it to Angelo's to try their pizza.  I made several attempts, but they were either closed or busy, and on one trip I ended up going to nearby Gerry's Pizzeria because we wanted to sit down and eat.  After all of these failed attempts to try this iconic pizza, I was in town one Friday afternoon and decided today would be the day to cross Angelo's off my pizza bucket list.

I've heard a lot about Angelo's over the years, mostly that they have a sweet sauce, they have been around forever, they have a small shop, and are beloved by many.  The hundreds of people who recommended this pizzeria to me set a very high standard for Angelo's to meet.  If you read my reviews, you would know I'm generally not a fan of sugary sweet sauce, so I hoped that is not what I was getting into.  After doing a little research, I noticed that Angelo's has a regular sauce and a sweeter sauce, so I went with the regular and called in my order for takeout.  I was told to pick it up in 20 minutes which was unexpectedly fast and I was 25 minutes away so I had to put the pizza mobile into warp speed to make sure that I got there the moment this pizza came out of the oven to capture maximum freshness.  (Unfortunately my request for a police escort to move through traffic went ignored lol).

I arrived at the tiny pizzeria in a primarily residential neighborhood on Hazle Street just in time.  I entered and noticed the place was a little bigger than I anticipated and even had a couple of tables where you could sit and eat.  In route to the cashier, I noticed they offered root beer right out of the keg - if I were a soda drinker I would have indulged on the spot!  Anyway, I got to the register and my pizza was ready to go.  I was surprised at how cheap the pizza was, only $7.70 for a 16" regular pie.  This price point immediately got the wheels turning, thinking this would make a great "party pizza" if I needed 10 trays or something.  I paid in cash (only) and was on my way to try this pie that took me so many years to get my hands on.

Upon opening the box I was greeted by the signature sauce on top swirl and some golden brown cheese along with a savory smell that peaked my interest.  Without any more pre-feast analysis, I dug right in and was surprised with the first bite.  My experience with the sauce on top swirl "cracker crust" pizza is that they are usually sweet, dry, and tough but this pizza was savory, moist, and tender.  The flavor profile was not overly sweet with the sauce providing a smooth texture that offset the slight sharpness of the cheese.  The swirls of sauce provided tremendous variations in flavor and texture where no two bites were the same.  Some bites had no sauce, while others were slathered with it.  It's not how I have traditionally constructed a pizza, but this created some complexity that I enjoyed.  The crust was thin and cooked to absolute perfection.  It was slightly tough, but tender enough to have a good chew.

Overall, I really liked this pizza and it certainly met and exceeded my expectations.  It is easy to see why so many people love Angelo's Pizzeria, it's a quality product, it's cheap, it's authentic, and it's a known and trusted part of the community for years.  I wish that I tried it sooner, but it was worth the wait.  For those who have tried it, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but for those who haven't, it's totally worth the trip.  Just plan ahead and bring cash - you won't regret it!

Restaurant: Angelo's Pizzeria
Location: Wilkes-Barre
Date: May 2018
Pizza Ordered: 16" Cheese Pizza
Price: $7.70
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Crust: 4.5/5
Sauce: 5/5
Cheese: 3.75/5
Overall Taste: 4/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 5/5
Overall Value: 5/5
Similar To: Gerry's Pizzeria 


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