Samario's - Tunkhannock

Samario's Puts another (Pizza) Pin in the Map!

Samario's in Scranton is a place that I have frequented numerous times in my pizza career.  I've reviewed their chicago style pizza as well as their square old forge style pizza.  Both reviews have been quite good, so my standards were quite high when visiting the new Tunkhannock location in the downtown area next to the Dietrich Theater.  The Scranton location offers a fine dining experience as well as a speedy takeout joint, where the Tunkhannock location is more of a takeout place with a few small tables to grab a quick bite - more of a "Samario's Express" if you will.  Upon entering, I had a full view of the kitchen which I always appreciate because I love to see where my food is prepared.  I noted that it was impeccably clean and space was used quite efficiently in small space.  Kitchen layouts are something that fascinate me, so if I've bored you, my apologies!

Anyway, on to the pizza.  I decided to order a square 6 cut red pizza, which is really an old forge style pizza.  I've long believed that Samario's in Scranton does Old Forge style pizza better than many of the places in the Pizza Capital of the World.  I wondered how the Tunkhannock version would stock up.  After the order was placed, I noted how courteous the staff was in the kitchen.  Everybody seemed to work together well and were really focused on every customer that came in.  They got them in and back out in a jiffy.  The service I received was no exception.  I was helped by 3 different staff members in a remarkable show of teamwork.  My pizza was done in no time and it came out fresh and steaming hot with the cheese forming a molten lava covering that looked just delightful.

The crust is very clearly made from a fresh dough rather than a precooked shell.  It was crispy around the edges and soft and tender in the middle with a pleasant texture and excellent chew.  The sauce was extraordinarily vibrant in color and flavor allowing the tomatoes to speak for themselves and keeping the recipe simple without a ton of seasoning.  The natural sweetness and zest of the tomato provided the punch to the tray while being balanced out by the milky and almost buttery soft blend of cheeses.  The sauce was so good, I could have literally drank a cup of it or eaten it like a bowl of soup (don't judge me until you try the pizza)!  Overall, this pizza was wonderful as it was balanced and flavorful with a freshness that is to be commended.  I always appreciate when the cheese is cooked only until it's proper melting point and not a moment past where it starts to burn.  This pizza maker knew what he or she was doing and I appreciated every bit of the craftsmanship!

Overall, this was an excellent pizza and matches the quality at the Scranton location exactly.  With their entry into the market, Samario's immediately joins the best pizza in not only Tunkhannock, but in Wyoming County conversation.  I know this type of pizza might be a little new to this region but I do highly recommend this to the NEPA nation to give it a try.  If you have visited and have an opinion, I always want to hear about it!  Share in the comments below and on social media.

Restaurant: Samario's
Location: Tunkhannock
Date: May 2018
Pizza Ordered: 6 Cut Red (1/2 Square Pizza)
Price: $8.95+/-
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 4/5
Sauce: 5/5
Cheese: 4.75/5
Overall Taste: 4.75/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 4/5
Overall Value: 2.5/5

The wings are also excellent at Samario's!


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