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Doma's Importing in Dunmore Has Great Pizza Too! Doma Importing Company is an awesome little old school Italian deli and grocery ...

Doma's Importing in Dunmore Has Great Pizza Too!

Doma Importing Company is an awesome little old school Italian deli and grocery store which offers an incredible selection of pasta, Italian specialties, meats, and even pizza.  I took a quick stop in to check out their pizza after a couple folks on facebook told me I needed to get there ASAP.  Truth be told, I've been to Dunmore thousands of times and have paid countless visits to Cara Mia's on Drinker Street less than a block away and never noticed Doma's or thought about trying the pizza.  It was time to change that, so on a recent visit to Cara Mia's for lunch, I decided to run up the block and grab a couple of slices.

The small little market was packed from floor to ceiling, wall to wall with Italian specialties, and it took all the willpower I could muster to not browse and buy something besides pizza.  I knew our order was placed down the road and the First Lady of NEPA Pizza was waiting for me at the table so I quickly spotted the pizza and went to the cashier to make my selection.  I noted that the pizza was served "deli style" at room temperature and they offered 2 types of pizza - the grandma pizza and the marinara pizza.  Both are very similar, except the marinara didn't have mozzarella cheese on top.  Some refer to the cheeseless pizza as "tomato pie" and I guess you might be able to argue it belongs in that category, but for me a tomato pie is a Philly/Jersey genre with a sweet and pasty sauce and just a tiny sprinkle of parmesan on top.  Check out Corropolese Italian Bakery and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Since this pizza is served at room temperature, it makes a full review a little challenging since I prefer to get a pizza at its peak freshness to give it the best representation, so I'll stick to the narrative as I have done with Carmen's Bakery and other room temperature pizzas.  That is not to say that room temperature pizza cannot be good or even exceptional, but my rating system doesn't account for cold pizza and comparability and consistency become issues.

After paying for my pizza ($2 per slice) I took to the sidewalk to walk and review.  I took my first bite of the marinara pizza and sirens went off in my head as it was a very familiar sauce.  To me, this tasted exactly like Roasario's in Clarks Summit's marinara which also happens to be on his grandma pizza - which also happens to be one of my top 5 pizzas in the world!  I froze and thought for a moment that I should walk back into Doma's and ask what kind of tomato product they are using in the sauce, but quickly determined that a magician never tells his secrets and the first lady was still patiently waiting for me to return for lunch!

I took a couple of bites of each slice and stored the rest in the pizza mobile for later.  Both pizzas were very similar with the nuance being the type and amount of cheese being applied.  I was obsessed with the chunky and savory sauce bursting with flavor.  It had a natural sweetness to it from the high quality tomatoes and was so delicious I proclaimed I could drink a glass of it!  The crust was very tender and tasty.  I did not request to have this heated up and I'm not even sure if they do that, but it really wasn't soggy anyway.  The crust had one job to do - allow those incredible tomatoes to shine.  When I got back into Cara Mia's, the First Lady asked how it was and I said, "It's just like Rosario's Pizza."  I later found out that is exactly what it is!  Rosario's delivers the pizza fresh to Dunmore every day.  I find it a little creepy and sad that my brain is filled with useless pizza ingredient information and comparisons, but hey at least I know it's accurate data!

Overall, this pizza was awesome.  I've obviously had it many times before both hot, cold and at room temperature.  If you want to see my thoughts on how the pizza ranks while it's hot, click here to read the review and see the YouTube video!  In the meantime, be sure to get to Doma's and grab a slice as well as a vast array of Italian specialties that are hard to find anywhere else!

Restaurant: Doma's Importing Co.
Location: Dunmore, PA
Date: May 2019

Pizza Ordered: Grandma Pizza Slice, Marinara Pizza Slice
Price: $2.00 Per slice
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In


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