Pasquale's Pizzeria and Restaurant - Eynon

Pasquale's is a Family Owned Hidden Gem in Eynon 

Pasquale's Pizzeria and Restaurant is a place which I've passed by many times in my travels but never got the chance to stop in.  After receiving several messages from the NEPA Nation and viewing some salivating pizza pics on social media, I decided it would never pass by Pasquale's again without stopping in to try it out!  Pasquale's is located on Main Avenue in Eynon, which for some reason I thought was actually Archbald but a quick google search told me I was wrong.  Fortunately, that gave me the opportunity to alert myself that I was going "Up da Eynon" while driving the pizza mobile and snickering to myself.  I'm not sure what imagery the "Up da Eynon" phrase conjures up for people, but as I pulled into Pasquale's parking lot, it did not match my imagery of strip malls, fast food, and industrial lots.  This brick building was beautiful, with a neatly landscaped stone patio in front and inviting signage alerting me exactly where to enter.

As I entered the bar area, I noticed that it had a historical and elegant vibe  while also feeling cozy and casual.  I chose one of the high top tables sitting beneath one of the antique hanging light fixtures so that I could snap the pizza I was about to devour in the best possible lighting.  The next thing that struck me was how friendly and courteous that the staff was.  I was immediately welcomed and greeted and within a few minutes I found myself in a full blown weather discussion with the staff and folks at the bar!  That may seem like a little thing, but the truth is I'm not all that social and don't have "the gift of gab" and you don't find this spirit of inclusion and community at all, or even many places these days.  I felt as if I had been a longtime customer within 5 minutes of walking into the place for the first time.  You can train people to be nice and professional, but these interactions were more than that - it was a positive cultural and systemic hallmark of Pasquale's which I could identify immediately and such an environment takes much more than just hiring good people and training them well.

I took a look at the menu to note that Pasquale's offered 3 main types of pizza: round (NY Style), square (most similar to Old Forge Style), and Sicilian Pizza.  The New York Style was listed first and most prominently and happens to be my favorite style so I went with a 14" round pie for $11.  During my brief wait for the pizza we continued our friendly banter and the staff checked on me a couple times to see if I needed anything which was appreciated.  Before long, I had a blazing hot and marvelous looking pie sitting on my table.  It was a good thing that I had to take a minute to photograph the pizza because it's likely I would have injured myself burning the roof of my mouth in my excitement to taste this pizza!  As an aside, you'd think I'd learn to wait a few minutes to eat a hot pizza after so many layers of skin have been eviscerated over the years!

My first impression of the pizza was that it was browned nicely with a healthy crust that provided a nice handle to grab a slice.  The aroma of the cheese and sauce was very pleasant and I could already tell I was going to enjoy this pie.  My first bite provided a super flavorful taste of a rich and slightly salty mozzarella cheese blend that screamed Grande cheese to me.  After introducing myself, I later learned that they were using my favorite cheese products from Grande!  The sauce provided excellent contrast and balance by providing just enough sweetness and acidity to awaken the taste buds.  I also enjoyed the subtle yet hugely flavorful seasoning blend used.  In my view, some NY pizza sauces rely too heavy on the oregano and other seasonings to provide the flavor, where Pasquale's sauce seems to rely on high quality tomatoes to do the job.  The crust was sturdy, chewy, tender, and crisp.  I realize those are a lot of adjectives to describe a crust and some may seem contradictory, but that is precisely how I would describe it!  It had some wonderful bubbles and air pockets with provided tremendous flavor variation and texture.

Overall, this pizza was your quintessential and classic New York Style pizza and was just packed with flavor and complexity.  The ingredients appeared to be meticulously chosen and developed to balance out flawlessly and deliver something to appeal to everyone.  As a pizza snob, this absolutely checked off all the boxes for me but I think this pizza has broad appeal to everyone including children.  The restaurant itself provides an upscale, yet casual atmosphere where you can take a date for a high-end, yet affordable Italian dinner like veal saltimbocca or take the whole family after catching a movie.  They are a full service restaurant complete with a bar and also offer home or office delivery.  

I mentioned to a few people that I enjoyed my experience at Pasquale's, and those people all said the same thing as I did "oh I've driven by that place many times but never ate there."  I propose to the rest of the NEPA Nation who also finds themselves traveling down Main Avenue wondering what Pasquale's is like to stop in and give it a try!  The pizza is great, the service was exceptional, and from all of the feedback I've already received, the food is also outstanding and the prices are very reasonable.  This family restaurant is yet another NEPA locally owned small business which is apparently largely undiscovered by the greater 570 area.  I'm letting you know it's here and giving you my recommendation to give this place a shot! 

Restaurant: Pasquale's Pizzeria and Family Restaurant
Location: Eynon, PA
Date: May 2019
Pizza Ordered: 14" NY Style Pizza
Price: $11.00
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 4.25/5
Sauce: 4.25/5
Cheese: 4.5/5
Overall Taste: 5/5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 5/5
Overall Value: 3/5


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