Where to Find the Best Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza in NEPA 2019

Where to Find Fried Sicilian Pizza in NEPA 2019

Pan Fried Sicilian Style Pizza, or "Fried Sicilian" is a unique style of rectangular pizza that is commonly cooked in peanut or blend of oils to give the thick crust a crispy, deep fried texture.  This genre is sometimes referred to as "Back Mountain Fried Pizza" or "Victory Pig Style Pizza" after the original creator, Victory Pig Pizza and BBQ which opened in 1942.  Primarily served in northern Luzerne County Pennsylvania, just a couple miles south of the self-proclaimed "Pizza Capital of the World" Old Forge, which serves Old Forge style pizza in a similar rectangular shape.  Locals refer to both rectangular Old Forge and Pan Fried Siclian pizzas as "square" and they call a whole pizza a "tray" and a single slice a "cut."  Besides their similar shapes and vernacular, the similarities end there.  To the untrained eye or taste bud, they may be similar, but once you dig a little deeper, the nuances are quote noticeable.  One unique feature of the Fried Sicilian Pizza is that it generally comes with diced onions under the cheese by default, but it's up to you if you want it with or without sort of like a Philly Cheesesteak!

See the Updated List of Best Pan Fried Sicilian Pizzas in NEPA 2020!  We've added a ton more new places!

Where we can get into great depth about the characteristics of Fried Sicilian Pizza, it's probably easier (and much more mouth-watering) to show you what these pizzas look like and where you can find them!  Below, you will find two lists of pizzerias who offer the Pan Fried Sicilian Pizzas: the first list are the pizzerias that I have actually visited, eaten, and reviewed; the second list consists of pizzerias who also offer the Fried Sicilians, but I have not yet tried them myself.  The first list, you can click on the link to go directly to my review and see more photos and all the details about the pizzeria.  The second list was crowd-sourced by our readers in an effort to highlight every pizzeria that offers this style of pizza.  If I missed any, please comment or message me and I'll contact the pizzeria to verify that they actually serve this style.  If you click the links on the second list, it will take you directly to the restaurant's facebook page or website.

Ceccoli's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre - Ceccoli's Pizza was established in 1976 and serves the sauciest of all of the pizzas I have tried on the list.  If you like a sweeter and smoother sauce, this might be a good starting point for you!
Ceccoli's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre
Ernie G's - Avoca - Ernie G's is a great little pub with awesome food and lively entertainment.  They have fabulous wings as well as a bangin' pan fried sicilian pizza!
Ernie G's Pub & Eatery - Avoca
Keeley's Alehouse and Grille - Kingston - Keeley's boasts one of the largest and best outdoor decks/patios in NEPA.  They also serve one hearty and delicious fried sicilian pizza!
Keeley's Alehouse and Grille - Kingston
Photo Credit: Keeley's Alehouse Facebook Page

Magda's Pizza and Deli - Wilkes-Barre - Magda's is a tiny pizzeria and deli located in a residential area of Wilkes-Barre.  Don't let the small size fool you, because they serve fried pizza that competes with the big boys!
Magda's Pizza and Deli - Wilkes-Barre
Norm's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre - Norm's Pizza offers a huge restaurant and multiple styles of pizza including their version of fried pizza.  For fans of Old Forge pizza, Norm's version is a bit of a crossover between styles so you may find comfort here in a familiar type of crust.
Norm's Pizza and Eatery - Wilkes-Barre

Pizza Heaven - Luzerne - One thing that some people dislike about the Fried Sicilian Pizza is that it can be greasy.  Pizza Heaven devised a way to get the pan fried effect without the grease.  I've tried it several times, and there is virtually no oil to be found!  They're also the only 2 time NEPA Pizza Madness champion so when you visit, be sure to check out the championship titles!
Pizza Heaven - Luzerne
Pizza L'Oven - Exeter - Although I've never had a pan fried pizza I didn't enjoy, Pizza L'Oven is among my personal favorites.  They have a light, yet flavorful Sicilian that has just enough grease on it to make it interesting!  You can't go wrong dining in here.
Pizza L'Oven - Exeter
Pizza Perfect - Trucksville - Pizza Perfect's local TV commercials which have aired for decades where the customers ask "How's your pizza?...JUST PERFECT!" makes this place perhaps the most well known pan fried Sicilian eatery.  When readers tell me their favorite spots, this place has a high frequency of being mentioned.
Pizza Perfect - Trucksville
Ricci's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre - Ricci's Pizza and Beer is a great little takeout and delivery joint in Wilkes-Barre.  They offer the thickest of all the Sicilians on the list.  When I think of a very thick pizza, I usually think monotonous, chewy, and flavorless but Ricci's Pizza is the total opposite!  There was so much flavor, tenderness and variation.  You'll want to click to see the review and then order yourself up a Ricci's pizza to experience it!
Ricci's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre
Shandra's Pizza - Pittston - Shandra's is a cool little takeout joint which started making pizzas for sales in local markets and bowling alleys.  Their following grew and grew until they opened a takeout space which is always busy!  Be sure to call well ahead and schedule your pickup time because this place is in high demand!
Shandra's Pizza - Pittston
Sizzle Pi - Kingston - Sizzle Pi has the honorable distinction of earning a rare 5 star rating from NEPA Pizza Review!  Their pizza is fabulous and is served out of a cool little building that reminds me something of an old school Long John Silver's or maybe a beach surf shop.  So much charm and great pizza.  Check it out!
Sizzle Pi - Kingston
Spare Time Pizza - Dallas - located in Back Mountain Bowl, one might have impressions that bowling alley food is gross, but Spare Time Pizzas is anything but!  Their pizza is wonderful, the service is fantastic, and all the locals will tell you this place rivals some of the best pizzas in the area.
Spare Time Pizza - Dallas
Tarnowski Brothers Pizza - Nanticoke - this Nanticoke pizzeria makes both round pizza with a sauce swirl as well as a fried Sicilian as pictured below!
Tarnowski Brothers Pizza - Nanticoke
Photo Credit: Tarnowski Bros Facebook Page
TC Riley's Pub & Inn - Trucksville - TC Riley's is an awesome pub and restaurant to visit even if they didn't serve Fried Sicilian Pizza.  They just so happen to offer some magnificent pan fried goodness.  So flavorful and just enough grease to remind you that the calories are all worth it!
TC Riley's Pub and Inn - Trucksville
Teberio's - Wilkes-Barre - Teberio's has multiple locations and offers a delicious Fried Sicilian with a slightly thinner crust.  This pizza is big on flavor and low on grease.  The bar is a happening spot and the wings are awesome too! 
Teberio's Pizza and Pub - Wilkes-Barre
Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kingston - Tommy's Pizza Corner has been around for more than 3 decades and serves up a tasty Pan Fried Sicilian.  They also offer the cracker crust pizza complete with sauce swirl on top which is just as popular in Luzerne County.  Locals swear by this long-time family owned pizzeria too!
Tommy's Pizza Corner - Kinston
Photo Credit: Luke D. - Food of NEPA Group
Victory Pig - Wyoming - Last on the list of reviewed places is the first to make Pan Fried Sicilian Pizzas.  This unique and charming roadside restaurant it a total throwback to the 1940s and a different way of life.  Interestingly, many of the pizzerias on this list have roots in the Victory Pig family tree.  Whether they are family members or former employees who have branched out on their own, VP has played a major role in the popularity and spread of this style of pizza throughout Luzerne County.
Victory Pig Pizza and BBQ - Wyoming
Photo Credit: Victory Pig Facebook Page
Now that I've shown you the list of Pan Fried Sicilians that I have tried over the years, here are the rest of the pizzerias who offer "Victory Pig Style Pizza" that I have yet to try.  Rest assured, this list is very much a To-Do list for me.  I'll link the photos, videos, and reviews as I publish them!

Back Road Alehouse - Swoyersville
Back Road Alehouse - Swoyersville
Photo Credit: Back Road Alehouse Facebook Page
Cavanaugh's Grille - Mountain Top
Cavanaugh's Grille - Mountain Top
Photo Credit: Cavanaugh's Grille Facebook Page
Checkerboard Inn - Trucksville
Checkerboard Inn - Trucksville
Photo Credit: Checkerboard Inn Facebook Page

Derff's Pizza - Sugar Notch
Derff's Pizza - Sugar Notch
Photo Credit: Derff's Pizza Facebook Page
Dominick's Cafe - Hudson
Dominick's Cafe - Hudson
Photo Credit: Rick W. - Food of NEPA
Dugan's Pub - Luzerne
(No Photo Available)

Januzzi's Pizza - Exeter
Januzzi's Pizza - Exeter
Photo Credit: Januzzi's Facebook Page
Kava Korner - Trucksville - Kava Korner puts their own spin on the Back Mountain Fried Pizza and makes it round!
Kava Korner -Trucksville
Photo Credit: Kava Korner Facebook Page
McAlpine Street Pub - Duryea
McAlpine St. Pub and Pizza - Duryea
Photo Credit: McAlpine St. Pub Facebook Page
Murphy's Pub - Swoyersville
Murphy's Pub - Swoyersville
Photo Credit: Murphy's Pub Facebook Page

Octagon Bar and Grill - Plymouth
Octagon Bar and Grill - Plymouth
Photo Credit: Ryan K. - Food of NEPA Group

Ole Tyme Charley's - Plains
Ole Tyme Charley's - Plains
Photo Credit: Ole Tyme Charley's Facebook Page
Pizza L'Oven - Hanover Township
Pizza Loven - Hanover
Photo Credit: Pizza Loven Facebook Page
Plains Pub - Plains
Plains Pub - Plains
Photo Credit - Barb S. - Food of NEPA Group
Ripple's - Wilkes-Barre
Ripple's - Wilkes-Barre
Photo Credit: Ripple's Facebook Page
Shady Side Tavern - Dallas
Shady Side Tavern - Dallas
Photo Credit: John R. - Food of NEPA Group
Slice of Heaven - Mocanaqua
Slice of Heaven - Mocanaqua
Photo Credit: Slice of Heaven Facebook Group
Teberio's - Kingston & Luzerne
Teberio's Pizza - Kingston
Photo Credit: Teberio's Facebook Page
Togoz Pizza - Wyoming
Togoz Pizza - Wyoming
Photo Credit: Togoz Pizza Facebook Page
III Guys Pizza - Dallas
III Guys Pizza - Dallas
Photo Credit: III Guys Pizza Facebook Page

III Guys Restaurant and Sports Bar - Edwardsville

III Guys Restaurant and Sports Bar - Edwardsville
Photo Credit: III Guys Restaurant Facebook Page
III Guys Pizza - Mountain Top
III Guys Pizza - Mountain Top
Photo Credit: Brian M. - NEPA Pizza Bulletin
Wheel's Bar and Grille - Mountain Top (Nuangola)
Wheel's Bar and Grille - Nuangola
So that's 39 different pizzerias where you can find this style of pizza which is unique to a concentrated area of Northeast Pennsylvania!  I received several more suggestions of restaurants which may have this style pizza, but was unable to verify they do offer it after checking websites, social media, menus, and sending messages to pizzerias.  If you know of any other places that offer Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza, please message me ASAP!

This article was written, researched and compiled by Jim Mirabelli, Owner of NEPA Pizza Review.  A big thank you to those who assisted me in this project - especially Bill O., John R., and James O.!  

Other Noteworthy and Delicious Pan Pizzas that Aren't Fried!

Bettelli's Villa - Wilkes-Barre - Grandma Pizza
Bettelli's Villa - Wilkes-Barre
Photo Credit: Bettelli's Villa Facebook Page
Arcaro's the Next Generation - Pittston - Deep Dish Square Pizza
Arcaro's the Next Generation - Pittston
Nearra's Pizzeria - Scranton - Detroit Style Pizza
Nearra's Pizzeria - Scranton
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks Summit - Grandma Pizza
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks Summit
Armenti's Pizzeria - Olyphant - Brooklyn Pizza

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