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Keeley's Deck is Out of This World!

Check out the cheese pull on this mouth-watering Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza at Keeley's Alehouse.

Reviewing the Pan Fried Sicilian and Round Pizzas at Keeley's

Keeley's Alehouse in Kingston has been on my radar to try for sometime now because of their participation in NEPA Pizza Madness, recommendations from readers, and the fact that they offer Pan Fried Sicilian Pizzas which I continue to be obsessed with!  It was a beautiful day outside, the first lady came along for this pizza review, and I had heard that Keeley's had a nice outdoor deck to dine on so we decided to give it a shot.  The place was easy to get to and the deck was impossible to miss and we made our way in that direction.

Just one small corner of the sprawling deck and patio at Keeley's!

I was taken back by the sheer size and magnitude of the gigantic deck.  It was very impressive in size, but what made it special was how it was designed and divided to provide individualized seating areas to make it feel private enough for a quiet date, but open enough to give it an island party vibe.  In addition to the main deck with full bar, there is a set of steps that go down to a lower deck/patio with another bar that appears to be large enough to host large events like weddings or parties.  There's even a landscaped yard area where people were competing in a weekly cornhole league.  I wandered around and marveled a bit and imagined all of the possibilities that this amazing structure could provide, but then returned to our table to check out the menu.

Keeley's Alehouse Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza from above.

As I peered around the deck, I noticed there were an array of everyday drink and food specials posted everywhere.  Too many great deals to mention in this post, but let's just say there is great value and what appeared to be huge portions being delivered to tables surrounding us.  Keeley's has a very comprehensive menu with unique offerings and staples such as wings, pizza, calzones, strombolis, a myriad of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, dinners, and more.  As I analyzed the menu, I noticed the prices were generally low and very reasonable.  For example, in an age where chicken wings are going for $1 a wing or more in many places, Keeley's charges only $7 for 10 jumbo wings.  This enticed me to grab an order, and believe me, they were huge wings!  The first lady and I discussed what we were going to order next time because there was just so much to pick from and it all looked good!

Of course, we also ordered a pizza which is $11.95 for a full 12 cut tray.  At $1 a slice for a pan fried Sicilian, this pizza is a good value.  As always, I get my pan fried Sicilian with onions and the First Lady was on board with that as well.  The place was mobbed so we had a little wait for the pizza but the time passed quickly in such a cool atmosphere.  Fried Sicilian is also quite thick and does take a bit longer to cook.  Before long, the pan fried goodness was on our table steaming hot and daring us to take a bite!  Usually, by the time I take a few photos and videos of the pizza it's cooled down enough to eat, but this pizza was thick and moist and held the heat!  No matter, I went in for a bite and burned my mouth as expected!  The first lady did the same, but it was worth the slight injury as it was immediately evident that this pizza was different from the rest of the pan fried Sicilians I have tried to date.

Profile view of the crust of Keeley's Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza.  Note the onion chunks under the cheese.

The pizza had a thick crust with a deep browning around the edges, a super hearty and red sauce and a light cheese that had some light char spots scattered across the top.  The crust was super crunchy around the edges and bottom, but quite doughy in the middle.  I very much enjoyed the edge of the crust and could imagine myself only eating the crust and dunking it into some marinara sauce and enjoying the heck of of that!  The bottom was also deeply browned with the signature fried texture and blistering that is often seen in this type of pizza.  There actually was not a lot of grease on this pizza, which is noteworthy for many who have an oil aversion or happen to really embrace it.  The sauce was robust moderately heavily seasoned, which is unique for a fried Sicilian as the style typically relies on a simple crushed tomato type sauce with light seasonings.  The sauce had so much punch that I hardly even noticed the presence of the onions.  Keeley's went bold with this one and I applaud them for being different.  I can't be certain what the cheese blend was, but it had the appearance and taste of Mozzarella and was very stringy like mozz.  In any event, it was tasty and the whole pizza was a hearty and robust combination of flavors and textures.

A look under the hood at Keeley's pizza crust.

Overall, this was a solid pizza bursting with different flavors and textures.  It breaks the mold of the traditional Pan Fried Sicilians around the area and puts a unique spin on it.  The deck is really among the very best in the area that I've been to and the menu is vast and provides exceptional value.  I know for certain we'll be back for another visit and recommend that you try Keeley's out as well.  Have you been to Keeley's?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Round Pizza Review (See score below)

Restaurant: Keeley's Alehouse
Location: Kingston, PA
Date: June 2019
Pizza Ordered: Full Tray Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza
Price: $11.95
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 7.3
Sauce: 7.1
Cheese: 7.8
Overall Taste: 7.6
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 6.8
Overall Value: 7.8
Similar to: Octagon Bar

Restaurant: Keeley's Alehouse
Location: Kingston, PA
Date: May 2021
Pizza Ordered: Small Round Pizza
Price: $8.95
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 6.9
Sauce: 8.1
Cheese: 7.3
Overall Taste: 8
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.1
Overall Value: 7.4
Similar to: Grotto Pizza, Tommy's Pizza Corner, Norm's Pizza


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