Where to Find the Best Grandma Pizza in NEPA

Grandma Pizza: Not Just on Long Island - Find the Best in NEPA!

Grandma Pizza is a style of pizza that is most commonly described as a "thin Sicilian" pizza.  It originated on Long Island and is said to get its name from grandmothers cooking their hearty pasta sauce all day on the stove.  When the kids would come inside hungry from playing and the sauce wasn't ready, grandma would take some dough, press it into a pan, and toss some cheese and the spaghetti sauce on top to make a quick snack for the children.  For more information about its history and characteristics, check out this article on Huffington Post Life.

Armenti's Pizzeria's Grandma Pizza
When I was visiting New York City, this type of pizza could be spotted all over the place and was easy to access, but in Northeast Pennsylvania Grandma pizza used to be a challenge to find until recently.  Many pizzerias have begun making their own versions of the pizza and it has spread quickly across the region, particularly in the last 5 years.  Customers in the area have developed a taste for this type of pizza and have created a demand for it.  We searched far and wide to find all of the best places where you can find this type of pizza, and I present to you the list of pizzerias complete with photos and links to each place's facebook page.  If you've tried any of these places or are aware of any others, please let me know in the comments or drop me a line!

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Lackawanna County

Angelo's Pizzateria - Dickson City - Located conveniently in the food court of the Viewmont Mall, Angelo's makes a thin and crisp grandma complete with a pesto drizzle!
Angelo's Pizzateria - Dickson City Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Angelo's Facebook Page
Armenti's Pizzeria - Olyphant - Perhaps the thinnest of all the grandma pizzas I've tried, this pizza delivers big flavor, supreme texture, and tastes as good as it looks!  Among my personal favorites in NEPA.
Armenti's Pizzeria - Olyphant Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: NEPA Pizza Review
Basilico's Pizzeria - Dickson City - Basilico's is known far and wide to sell among the finest gourmet slices in all the land.  It shouldn't be a surprise that they offer an incredible grandma slice!
Basiloco's - Dickson City Original Grandma
Photo Credit: Basilico's Facebook Page
Basilico's Pizzeria - Scranton - Basilico's other location is in the Marketplace at Steamtown in Scranton.  You can find the same great selection and more as their Dickson City location.
Basilico's Pizzeria - Scranton
Photo Credit: Basilico's Facebook Page
Cali's Don Tomaso Peatza - Dunmore - Cali's DT Peatza offers a wide variety of types of pizza, so it's no surprise that Grandma is on the menu.  Looking forward to getting my hands on this pizza in Buck Town!
Cali's Don Tomaso Peatza - Dunmore
Photo Credit: Cali's DTP Facebook Page
DaVinci Pizza - Scranton - DaVinci Pizza has a long history of excellent pizza tradition and they offer a very good grandma pizza which is hearty and flavorful!
DaVinci Pizza - Scranton Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: DaVinci's Facebook Page

Doma Importing - Dunmore - Doma Importing serves their Grandma Pizza "Deli Style" cold and by the slice.  They receive fresh shipments daily from Rosario's Pizzeria who you will find on the list below!
Doma Importing- Dunmore Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: NEPA Pizza Review

Gourmet Slice - Moosic - The Gourmet Slice on Montage Mountain is another pizzeria which specializes in gourmet pizza by the slice.  Their saucy grandma looks fantastic!
Gourmet Slice - Moosic Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Gourmet Slice Facebook Page
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks Summit - Rosario's is the pizzeria where I first fell in love with the Grandma style of pizza.  It's tender crust, robust and chunky sauce, and flavorful cheese blend makes this the pizza that I order most often when I'm not reviewing pizzas on the road!
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks Summit Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: NEPA Pizza Review
That Guy with the Dough - Moosic - That Guy with the Dough makes a wide variety of pizzas and they offer their version of a grandma pizza that I plan to try!
That Guy With The Dough - Moosic
Photo Credit: That Guy WTD Facebook Page

Luzerne County

Annarella Pizza and Pasta - Dallas - Annarella Pizza makes some very authentic and delicious looking pizza and Italian food.  The pesto drizzle on this pizza makes this pic pop!
Annarella Pizza and Pasta - Dallas Grandma Pizza
Antonio's Pizza - West Pittston - Antonio's Pizza is a place I follow closely on social media because their pizzas look fantastic and they have a vast array of specialty pies including the saucy grandma below!
Antonio's Pizza - West Pittston Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Antonio's Facebook Page
Benito's Restaurant and Lounge - Hazleton - Benito's in Hazleton is a newer restaurant to the 570, but they offer some tasty looking pizzas.  Check out the photo below for their grandma tray.
Benito's Restaurant - Hazleton Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Benito's Facebook Page

Bettelli's Villa - Wilkes-Barre - Bettelli's Villa comes very highly recommended by the NEPA Nation!  I regularly receive tweets, emails, and messages from readers who suggest I try out their Grandma Pizza.
Bettelli's Villa - Wilkes-Barre Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Bettelli's Facebook Page

Dino's Pizza Express - Wilkes-Barre - Dino's Pizza Express in Wilkes-Barre also adds a drizzle of pesto to their Grandma Pizza which looks amazing!
Dino's Pizza Express - Wilkes-Barre Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Dino's Facebook Page

Georgio's Pizza - Hazleton - Georgio's Pizza was also frequently cited as a place that had high quality grandma pizza by the NEPA Nation.  Looks worthy of a trip south!
Georgio's Pizza - Hazleton Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Georgio's Facebook Page

Giuseppe's Pizzeria - Pittston - I think this gorgeous pizza pic speaks for itself.  Giuseppe's is a must follow on Instagram because of all the authentic Italian cuisine they share on social media.  It's no shock that their Grandma is supremely authentic!
Giuseppe's Pizzeria - Pittston Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Giuseppe's Facebook Page

Lino's Pizza and Restaurant - Kingston - Lino's Grandma also adds some extra flavor and color in using the pesto drizzle.  Check out how vibrant those tomatoes are!
Lino's Pizza - Kingston Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Trip Advisor
Marjano's Pizza and Italian Eatery - Exeter - Marjano's puts their own spin on the classic grandma pizza and it looks delicious!
Marjano's Pizza = Pittston Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Marjano's Facebook Page

Napoli's Pizza - Pittston - Napoli's is renowned for their grandma pizza locally.  The NEPA Nation recommends the grandma pizza here time and time again.
Napoli's - Pittston Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Napoli's Facebook Page

Pizza Bella - Ashley
Pizza Bella - Dallas
Pizza Bella - Forty Fort
Pizza Bella - Mountain Top
Pizza Bella - Nanticoke
Pizza Bella - West Pittston
Pizza Bella of NEPA has locations all over the 570 and they offer their own version of the grandma pizza.  Chances are there is a location near you if you're jonesing for a tray!
Pizza Bella (Multiple Locations)
Photo Credit: Pizza Bella Facebook Page

Carbon County

A&A Pizza - Beaver Meadows
Angela & Adriana Pizza - Beaver Meadows Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: A&A Facebook Page
Pizzette Pizzeria - Tresckow
Pizzette Pizzeria - Tresckow Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Pizzette Facebook Page

Pike County

Vinny's II - Greentown
Vinny's II - Greentown Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Vinny's II Facebook Page

Schuylkill County

Two Kings Pizza - Tamaqua
Two Kings Pizza - Tamaqua
Photo Credit: Two Kings Facebook Page

Wayne County

Alley Whey Eatery - Honesdale
Alley Whey Eatery - Honesdale Grandma Pizza
Photo Credit: Alley Whey Facebook Page

So, if you're a grandma pizza aficionado that this article will help you find great places that serve it in NEPA.  If you've never tried it or heard about grandma pizza, now you know what it's all about!  If you are aware of any more pizzerias locally that serve this type of tray, please message me ASAP!  It is rumored that Antonio's Pizza in Nanticoke and Catalano's in Scranton also serve this type of pie, but I haven't yet verified, but if anyone has a photo of these pizzas, please send them along!


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