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Plains Pub Delivers a Lively and Inclusive Atmosphere and Darn Good Pizza!

The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza at Plains Pub can be ordered on Fridays and Saturdays.
Plains Pub has come highly recommended by many in the NEPA Nation for having great pizza and wings.  Having consistently received positive feedback about the place over the years, I decided it was time to cross this one off my to-do list.  The first thing I'll say is that when I arrived and parked in the back lot, I was greeted by a friendly customer who was carrying a couple trays of pizza and what looked like some wings in a bag who was excited to let me know that the pizza was awesome at the Plains Pub.  I wasn't sure if she recognized me or if she was just that excited about the pizza there and happened to be wondering if I was there to try it.  Either way, upbeat vibes as I made my way up to the unassuming and sort of private looking entrance to the bar. 
Plains Pub pizza crust is crispy golden brown on the bottom and pillowy soft in the middle.
When I entered, my mind expected to get the "record skip" with everyone looking at me like an outsider who didn't belong but the exact opposite happened!  One friendly gentleman who was wrapping up his meal at the bar saw me coming and quickly offered up his seat.  A friendly couple to my right greeted me and said hello while the wonderful bartenders attended to me right away despite having a completely full bar and dining room.  I was pretty impressed with the speed of service and attention to detail, but perhaps more impressed with the inclusive and jovial atmosphere at the pub.  Everybody was talking to everybody, and while I'm the type of person who would never go to a bar alone I think I would have enjoyed myself sticking around to eat the pizza and chat with the awesome locals.  It was a diverse and really spirited crew!

I always enjoy when a place has a fun atmosphere and kind culture, which I always notice because constantly going to new places for the first time I know the outsider gaze quite well.  It makes me appreciate this type of atmosphere that much more, but I do pizza reviews, not atmosphere reviews so let's get on with it!

Upon first glance at the pan fried Sicilian pizza, it appeared to look like the quintessential Pizza Perfect, Pizza L'Oven, Victory Pig type tray with it's signature medium thickness crust with that wonderful browned edge that rests against the pan while baking.  It also demonstrated the trademark white cheese with tan and brown flecks that caramelized in the oven while cooking along with vibrant and chunky tomato sauce poking sporadically through the cheese's surface.  The first bite confirmed that this pizza was right in line with the aforementioned titans of fried pizza in terms of composition, textures, and even flavor.
A look underneath the crust of the pizza reveals virtually no grease or oil.  The moisture on the parchment paper appears to be on the cut lines and is derived from water in the sauce.
The crust had a crisp bottom and edge with a soft and pillowy center.  The main question I get with pan fried Sicilian is "is it greasy?"  The answer to that question is a definitive "No" as evidenced in the photos and video where I lift up the slice to look underneath and discover a completely dry sheet of parchment paper.  I myself don't really mind the grease as long as it's flavorful, but if you can achieve the pan fried crackle on the bottom while also providing the flavor without the grease then you are on to something just as the Pub is here.  The sauce was quite good, although the onions (which I always order with) produced a bit of a bitterness that stuck out a bit.  I'm not sure if sweet onions are part of the recipe, but for those who love a "true onion" flavor (if that's even a thing!), this will provide a bit of a kick that you'll enjoy even more than the others.  Of course, you can also order with no onions, but that just isn't very much fun!

Beautiful spectrum of colors on this neatly prepared and cooked pizza at Plains Pub. No filters applied EVER!
Overall, Plains Pub is another place I wish I had close to home as I know for sure I'd be visiting for a reasonably priced and tasty meal served with a smile and a great atmosphere.  The camaraderie inside was infectious and made me want to hurry back for more.  Finally, one important note on the pizza - it is only generally available on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to check the Pub's facebook page if you're not heading there on a weekend!  You will find my ratings below, but I want to know about your experiences at the Plains Pub!  Let me know what you think in the comments!
A look at the crispy golden brown edge on the Sicilian Pizza at Plains Pub.

The Ratings (What do they mean?)

Restaurant: Plains Pub
Location: Plains, PA
Date: September 2019
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out
Pizza Ordered: Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza
Price: $13.95

Crust: 7.8
Sauce: 7.4
Cheese: 7.6
Overall Taste: 8.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.1
Overall Value: 8.4


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