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Roseanna's Pizza Provides Exceptional Value in the Neighborhhod

Check out the cheese on this Roseanna's Pizza!  It just flows wherever it wants! So tasty.
Roseanna's Pizza is a great little takeout joint in West Scranton that keeps it simple and serves pizza and hoagies at incredibly low prices.  This was my first time ever visiting the pizzeria, but I think I may have tried the Old Forge style pizza before at La Festa Italiana in Scranton.  I'm not certain if that was the same Roseanna's Pizza downtown over Labor Day weekend, but since I feasted on Old Forge style pizza from a place named Roseanna's, I had in my head that this is what they were known for!
A half tray of old forge red pizza from Roseanna's Pizza in Scranton.
After stopping in and placing my order for a half tray (6 cut) of Old Forge red for the bargain basement price of around $5, I observed a fresh dough round pie getting placed in the oven.  After posting pictures of the Old Forge pizza on social media, I later found out from the NEPA Nation that the round pie is actually quite popular and very good.  I guess I'll have try the round out next time!  One other thing I'll need to try is the hoagies, which looked and smelled fantastic.  They were selling an absolute ton of them too!  There had to be 30 subs prepared in the 10-15 minutes that I waited for my pizza, and this was at a time between lunch and dinner.  I was very impressed with the volume that Roseanna's was churning out, and I plan to add to that hoagie volume in the future!
Check out that ooey gooey cheese just flowing off of the pizza!
The pizza came out of the oven extraordinarily hot and with quite possibly the "meltiest and flowiest" cheese blend I've ever encountered.  It was so creamy and light that it moved around the pizza for at least another 10 minutes while I waited for it to cool down.  The blend was really satisfying with light flavors and a really pleasant texture that I enjoyed.  My tastebuds told me there was American Cheese involved, but my eyes told me that American cheese didn't have the same properties that this blend demonstrated.  Therefore, I have no guess as to what the cheese blend was and I accept it as the best component of this pizza and a tasty concoction at that!  

Roseanna's Pizza is very generous in the amount of cheese they apply!
The sauce was pretty neutral and had just the right amount applied.  The crust seemed like a prefab crust which was on the thinner side and the pizza maker cooked it to absolute perfection.  Overall, this was a good pizza that won't let you down.  If you're a cheese lover, they are heavy handed with the cheese and certainly don't skimp.  This is definitely one of the best Old Forge pizza values in NEPA hands down.  I very much look forward to getting back to Roseanna's for a round pizza and a few hoagies.  I think I'll order a bunch and cut them up for a Sunday football gathering in the near future.  Have you ever tried Roseanna's?  What were your thoughts?  Hit me up in the comments as I love to hear from you!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Roseanna's Pizza
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: October 2019
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: 6 Cut Old Forge Red Pizza
Price: $5.00
Crust: 6.5
Sauce: 7.1
Cheese: 7.6
Overall Taste: 7.4
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.1
Overall Value: 8.5
Similar to: Cafe Rinaldi, Lou's Pizza


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