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NEPA Pizza Review Teams Up With You Wanna Pizza Me and Radio Personality to Raise Money for Autism

Reviewing the 

Jim from NEPA Pizza Review appears as a guest with hosts Nick and Joe of You Wanna Pizza Me  and local radio personality Johnny Popko to review the Buffalo Chicken Sicilian Pizza at Januzzi's Pizza on Wyoming Ave in Exeter!

The owner of Januzzi's in Exeter has so graciously pledged to donate 50 cents for every order that mentions this video to the Fredi the Pizzaman Foundation for Autism.  All you need to do is tell them you saw this video and they'll take it from there!

It was super cold outside, but this awesome Hot Wing Pizza warmed us all right up!  It was a different experience for me, but an honor to have a seat at the folding table with these guys!  If you don't already follow them, you have to head to their facebook and instagram pages and do so!

This chicken wing pizza was a favorite at the 2019 NePizza Festival and I can see why.  It was delicious, made with fresh grilled chicken, had a ton of flavor, and was everything you want out of a buffalo chicken pizza!  See the video above for the rest of our thoughts!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Januzzi's Pizza & Subs
Location: Exeter, PA
Date: November 2019
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Pizza Ordered: Chicken Wing Sicilian Pizza
Price: $16.95 +/-
Crust: 7.1
Sauce: 7.3
Cheese: 7.1
Overall Taste: 8.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 7.2

Bonus note: When I reviewed this place back in 2013, it was Luigi's Pizza.  Januzzi's has now been in this location for several years and is doing a great job with it!


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