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Classic cheese pizza from Mifflin Pizza in Mifflinville, PA.
Mifflin Pizza first came on my radar back in 2016 when Adam the owner of this little pizza shop was looking for some friendly competition locally.  He had competed on the U.S. Pizza team in events like dough acrobatics and speed box folding and was reaching out to see if I knew of anything.  Of course, I invited him to sign up for my annual NEPA Pizza Madness competition but like I do with any pizzeria I learn about, I had to research Mifflin Pizza online.

I found perhaps the most creative and fun locally run facebook and instagram pizza account.  There were videos of Adam doing crazy dough tricks, innovative giveaways, professional looking pizza pics (which I later learned are just iPhone pics taken by him), and really engaging posts with much higher social stats than you would expect from a pizzeria in a small town.

Mifflin Pizza rode their social following and strong customer base to NEPA Pizza Madness victory in 2017.  Following that victory, I had a chance to sit down and interview Adam about his pizzeria and learn what makes him tick.  Check out that video below:

After learning about the shop I had a chance to taste the pizza way back then, but in the excitement of the award presentation and attending the Mifflin Pizza employee competition known as Pizza Mania, I forgot to actually write a review!  Fast forward a few years and I got my hands on another classic NY Style Pizza from Mifflin.  It's crust is super crisp and tender with some substance and flavor to it.  I mention the substance because it's the type of crust that has a good shelf life to it and travels pretty well.  I even tested this assertion several hours later with the pizza sitting at room temperature the whole time and it was still tender and delicious.

The sauce is really flavorful, with a medium texture and body.  I could tell it was made with quality tomatoes because there is low acidity, didn't require a lot of seasoning, and was naturally sweet without needing sugar.  I think the cheese might have been my favorite part because that too was supremely flavorful, and the rest of the components of the pizza allowed it to shine.  It had some moisture, some stretch, a hint of saltiness that just worked, and a beautiful color to it.

Watch Adam from Mifflin Pizza teach Jessie and Doc how to spin pizza dough live on the air!
Overall, not only was this pizza a classic, every component was a little bit different and it really stood out.  Sometimes NY style pizzas can start to run together after you try so many, but Mifflin's differentiated itself with some nuanced flavors, a crust that seems both light and dense at the same time, and an attention to detail that is unrivaled anywhere in the country.  

The Ratings

Restaurant: Mifflin Pizza
Location: Mifflinville, PA
Date: January 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: New York Style Pizza
Price: $11.00
Crust: 8.6
Sauce: 8.2
Cheese: 8.8
Overall Taste: 8.8
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.7
Overall Value: 8.7


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