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Testing Harrisburg Pizza to See How it Stacks Up to NEPA and Trying the UberEats App at Roberto's Pizza

Medium meat lovers pizza from Roberto's Pizza in Harrisburg, PA.

I was in Harrisburg in a hotel with no transportation and a desire to try a new pizza, so there was really only one thing to do - order pizza from somewhere!  I searched google for some local pizza foodies (found none) and the highest rated pizza spots in my immediate area and found a few.  I tried a couple spots and wasn't able to get through, so I decided I'd take my first shot at using the UberEats app.  

Through the app, the first pizza spot that popped up was Roberto's Pizza so I gave it a shot and ordered 2 pizzas: a large cheese pizza, and a medium meat lover's pizza.  I watched the app intently as my order was being made and picked up by the driver, and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the speed and accuracy of the information the app provided.  It was really a fusion of the uber app and the Domino's pizza app, if you're familiar with both.  Once my pizza was ready in about 18 minutes from the moment I finalized on the Uber app, and the driver efficiently picked it up and had it curbside shortly thereafter.  

Roberto's Pizza is VERY generous with the amount of cheese they apply!
It was also cool to see where my driver's exact location as he commuted to the hotel.  Overall, I'm not sure what I was expecting with the app, but this transaction certainly met and exceeded my expectations.  I believe the fee was $3.25, but mine was waived since it was my first time using the service.  Overall, not a terrible fee for the convenience.  You can enter the tip right in the app, and you don't have to exchange cash at any time.  I haven't tried the other apps, but Uber seems to have a pretty seamless solution to getting pizza from point A to point B.

On to the pizza.  Since I didn't research or visit the pizzeria, I don't have much to say about Roberto's except to talk about the pizzas received.  One fun thing about this particular review is that I was with a group of people from NEPA who all have strong pizza consumption backgrounds up that way.  It was going to be interesting to see how this small sample of Harrisburg pizza would stack up against all of the pizzas we had collectively tried in Northeast Pennsylvania.

My first impression of the pizza came when the delivery guy handed me the boxes - they were very heavy - much heavier than I had expected.  I had assumed that most of the weight came from the meat lovers pizza, but I later learned it was mostly from the copious amounts of cheese and dough on the pizzas!

A look underneath the perfectly cooked, soft and thick crust of a Roberto's Pizza.
After opening both boxes, it was apparent where all the weight came from - the massive amounts of cheese generously applied to the pizza.  In most places that I've worked these would be at least extra cheese pizzas, if not triple cheese!  Also contributing to the weight was the thick crusts which were relatively dense, but cooked nicely.  They were soft and somewhat chewy, but tender enough where you didn't have to work too hard to eat it.  The sauce was present, but it was hard to discern its properties as the dough and cheese dominated the flavor profile.  The meat lovers provided some additional texture and flavor to that pie, and overall that was the more popular of the two with our group.

Overall, this pizza hit the spot after a long day of work and was pretty tasty.  We sort of all agreed that we preferred the pizza in NEPA, but consensus was also that we enjoyed the heck out of it and it was a nice way to end a rigorous day on the job.  All in all, if I was in town again in the same hotel, I'd order again.  Thanks to Roberto's and UberEats for a positive experience.  Has anyone tried Roberto's Pizza fresh in-house?  That is really the only way to get a fair review, so I'd like to hear your views in the comments.

The Ratings

Restaurant: Roberto's Pizza
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Date: January 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Delivery

Pizza Ordered: Large Round Pizza
Price: $11.25
Crust: 6.7
Sauce: 6.4
Cheese: 7.2
Overall Taste: 7.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.2
Overall Value: 7.2

Pizza Ordered: Medium Meat Lovers Pizza

Price: $15.50
Crust: 6.7
Sauce: 6.4
Cheese: 7.2
Overall Taste: 7.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.2
Overall Value: 7.2


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