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Back at Savo's after 6 Years

Savo's is a place I reviewed almost 6 years ago to the day, and I received a request to return and check out the round pizza some time ago.  My pizza review queue is significantly backed up with requests, so when the first lady and I were running errands and I spotted Savo's, we pulled in to finally give the round pizza a try.

When I walked in, I noticed the dining room was much smaller than I recalled and I later learned that Savo's had moved over from their former spot in the strip mall to this new location.  I also learned that the place was under new ownership since I had last visited so I had some interesting comparisons to make mentally.  

On a Friday night, the place was fairly busy, and I noticed that the woman running the front of the house was a rock star, doing everything herself from answering phones to waiting on tables to working the register for take out orders.  She was very efficient, and our table service was no different.  We received our mild chicken wings as an appetizer within 7 minutes of ordering and our pizza followed quickly behind.

In fact, the pizza came out in about 12 minutes and it was as hot as can be, steaming and looking really good.  It had plenty of grease on top, and it appeared to be cooked nicely. I picked up my first slice and it had a lot of flop and the crust was super soft.  The dough around the edge had some crispiness to it, but besides that this pizza required to be folded in half to eat and was still a challenge to hang on to.  The sauce and cheese are both totally different from their Old Forge Style that I previously reviewed.  The sauce was on the pasty side with some zest and was fairly heavily seasoned to give the pizza a lot of additional flavor.  The cheese was my favorite part because it was salty, stringy, and really greasy.  I'm no dabber, so I just allowed the oil to run wherever it wanted and enjoyed it.

Overall, the pizza was pretty good and we enjoyed the wings.  The taste and texture of the pizza didn't quite measure up to its beautiful appearance, but we were satisfied with it.  The story here was really about the efficient service that we received, which is always appreciated, especially when you have a fidgety one year old pizza prince who is ready to get on the move after a few minutes of sitting!  Have you tried Savo's Pizza in Pittston?  Comment with your thoughts!

The Ratings
Restaurant: Savo's Pizza
Location: Pittston, PA
Date: January 2014
Pizza Ordered: Large NY Style Pizza
Price: $12.95
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Crust: 7.1
Sauce: 6.3
Cheese: 7.5
Overall Taste: 7.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.1
Overall Value: 6.8

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