Super Sunday Big Game Specials from Around NEPA! Tips to Save Money and Eat Great!

The Best Deals for Your Super Sunday Football Gathering 2020!

Rules to Make Sure You Get the Best Food!

I've been receiving a huge influx of meal deals for the Big Game from local businesses as well as scouring the internet to find the very best deals!  Overall, I've compiled a massive collection of specials all over the 570 area code to help find the right deal for you!

Before we see the deals, first a few tips to make sure you get the best quality food you can get.  Remember, the Super Bowl is one of the busiest days of the year for most pizzerias, and the hours leading up to kickoff are likely the biggest surge of business of any other couple hour stretch they'll see.  With that in mind, some tips on making sure you have a great experience this Sunday!

Super Bowl Pizza Ordering Rules to get the Best Experience

    • Call in order days in advance so the pizzeria can schedule your order appropriately
    • Don’t schedule order pickup right before kickoff or halftime - order earlier!
    • Choose pick-up over delivery as delivery times can vary widely
    • Be Patient, this is one of the busiest days of the years for pizzerias
    • Don’t customize your order, stick with the basics. If the special says it comes with 2 pizzas, 50 wings, and a 2 liter of soda, don’t go crazy customizing with extra this or split that or multiple sauces.  The risk of mistake is higher, and your order will take longer to prepare
    • PIZZA HACK: As soon as you pick up your food, crack open the boxes/containers to let the steam out.  This prevents food from getting soggy.
    • Order parbaked pizza and bake at home
    • Order pizza with the best shelf life such as:
      • Pan Fried Sicilian (Pizza L’Oven, Pizza Perfect, Victory Pig)
      • Sweet sauce pizza (Angelo’s, drinker pizza, all the pizzas in Nanticoke)
      • Old forge, grandma


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