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The Gourmet Slice is the Definition of Consistency and Deliciousness

A slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza and a slice of Sicilian from The Gourmet Slice in Moosic on Montage Mountain.
There are probably less than 10 pizza spots that I stop at more than once in a year.  One place I seem to stop at frequently when I'm on Montage Mountain is The Gourmet Slice.  I reviewed the pizza on this blog way back in 2012 and have eaten there many times since then.  As I reviewed that old and outdated review, I noted it was not at all consistent with my experiences over the last 7 years so I knew it was time to write a fresh one. 
Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Gourmet Slice in Moosic.
The Gourmet Slice features, as you would imagine, a wide variety of gourmet pizzas by the slice.  Most times, I'll grab a NY style slice and a buffalo chicken slice.  The service is always very fast, you order at the counter and can take it to go or they'll bring it out to your table.
I was at the shoppes for a quick haircut so I had an excellent excuse to eat pizza (hunger and survival obviously!).  I walked a couple doors down and entered to find the usual wide variety of pizzas to select from.  On this day, there was a freshly baked Sicilian pizza calling my name, and I couldn't help but order the buffalo chicken pizza yet again.
The Sicilian pizza at Gourmet Slice in Moosic
The Sicilian had a beautiful crumb and the crust was light, cooked all the way through, crisp on the bottom, and quite flavorful.  It was quite thick, but not so thick as to be monotonous.  I thought the dough/sauce/cheese/seasoning ratio was exactly on point for this one.  It's very easy to make a Sicilian too doughy or thick and throw the proportions off and make it taste like a loaf of bread with a teaspoon of sauce on it - The Gourmet Slice nailed this one.  The sauce was very flavorful, had a medium body and consistency, and was applied liberally enough that this was the leading flavor in the pizza.  The mozzarella cheese very much did its job in holding the pizza together, and the sprinkle of oregano on top brought a welcome punch of herb and spice.
A look underneath the thick crust Sicilian at Gourmet Slice in the Shoppes at Montage.
When it comes to hot wing pizza, my tastes have really evolved over the years.  I used to go mostly for thicker crust pizzas slathered with tons of hot sauce, bleu cheese, and fried chicken.  Basically a greasy, cheesy, gooey, and saucy concoction is what I used to favor, but after trying places like Nello's, Dino's, and Serpico I'm enjoying the NY style, light sauce, grilled chicken variety with more subtle heat and less mess.  That's not to say I don't still crush and destroy the saucy, bleu cheese or ranch soaked pizzas, but this is all a long way to get to my point - The Gourmet Slice's buffalo chicken pizza hit the spot for me.
A look at the underside of the razor thin NY style crust at Gourmet Slice.
The best part of this pizza for me was actually the crust.  It was razor thin, perfectly crisp, impossibly tender, and really a classic NY style crust.  Atop the crust was a combination of grilled chicken, a simple buffalo sauce, and mozzarella cheese.  It provided a subtle heat that even those who dislike hot foods would enjoy.  There was no sweating while eating this pizza, just enjoying the flavors and textures.  Overall, it was light, delicious, and very satisfying.  Come to think of it - I've probably been to Gourmet Slice about 25 or so times, and I find them to be very consistent, and always delicious.  It was great to get back there again and produce a new review that more accurately reflects what they are all about.
NEPA Pizza Review recommends The Gourmet Slice.  Have you tried it yet?  What was your experience?  Share it in the comments!

The Ratings

Restaurant: The Gourmet Slice
Location: Moosic, PA
Date: January 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Pizza Ordered: NY Slice Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Price: $3.50
Crust: 9.1
Sauce: 7.8
Cheese: 7.8
Overall Taste: 8.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 7.7
Similar to: Angelo's Viewmont, Roma Pizza, Nello's Pizza

Pizza Ordered: Sicilian Slice
Price: $3.50
Crust: 8.2
Sauce: 8.8
Cheese: 7.3
Overall Taste: 7.4
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 7.2
Similar to: Rosario's PizzeriaBasilico's Pizzeria,  


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