These NEPA Restaurants are Offering Free Meals to Students While Schools are Closed for Coronavirus

All Public Schools in Pennsylvania are Closed for 2 Weeks - These Local Businesses Don't Want Kids to Go Hungry

While school is not in session in Pennsylvania, Local Businesses are stepping up to make sure students don't go hungry.

The Growing List of Small Businesses that Want to Help Feed Students During These Uncertain Times.

On March 13th, Governor Wolf announced that all Pennsylvania public schools will be closed for 10 business days as a response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.  While schools are stepping up to feed students even while school is out, small businesses are also turning out in droves to help.  Below is the list of restaurants who are offering some type of free meal to children during this challenging time.  A link to each business's facebook page is provided, please check with the business for details as this is an emerging and rapidly changing set of circumstances!

Vinny's II - Greentown

NOTE: These businesses were reported to NEPA Pizza Review to be offering help.  Please call them directly, visit their facebook pages, or stop in for details.  Also, please consider supporting these small businesses as they are doing their part!

These are the known businesses that have been mentioned as willing to help out.  I will add to the list as I receive additional information.  Stay safe out there everyone, and thank you to the amazing small businesses of NEPA!


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