How to Make Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza at Home - Recipe

Recipe to Make "Victory Pig" "Backmountain Style" Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza The Easy Way

Homemade Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza Made with this Beginner Recipe. Topped with Hormel Cup n Char Pepperoni.

Note: This recipe is still under construction!  I will be polishing it up and adding photos and videos to it as I have time to complete it.  I've received so many requests for the recipe that I figured I would publish what I have so far!  Please message me on my facebook or instagram pages with questions and I'll fill in the blanks for you!

Tools You'll Need
Kitchen Stand Mixer With Dough Hook (I recommend this Kitchen Aid)
Baker's Scale to Measure Weight (I recommend this Scale)
10" x 14" High-Sided Pan (I recommend this Lloyd's Pan)

Other Helpful Tools
Digital Infrared Thermometer
Dough Scraper 

To make a 10" x 14" Pizza

Dough 18 ounce dough ball
Flour (King Arthur Bread Flour 12.7%, All Trumps General Mills 14%)
Active Dry Yeast
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Dough Recipe Measurements
Flour (100%): 922.76 g  |  32.55 oz | 2.03 lbs 
Water (68%): 627.48 g  |  22.13 oz | 1.38 lbs  (70 degrees on trial 3)
IDY (1%): 9.23 g | 0.33 oz | 0.02 lbs | 3.06 tsp | 1.02 tbsp 
Salt (2%): 18.46 g | 0.65 oz | 0.04 lbs | 3.31 tsp | 1.1 tbsp 
Olive Oil (1.2%): 11.07 g | 0.39 oz | 0.02 lbs | 2.46 tsp | 0.82 tbsp 
Sugar (2%): 18.46 g | 0.65 oz | 0.04 lbs | 4.63 tsp | 1.54 tbsp 
Total (174.2%): 1607.45 g | 56.7 oz | 3.54 lbs | TF = N/A 
Single Ball: 535.82 g | 18.9 oz | 1.18 lbs 

Here is a video to walk you through the process of making the dough:

Check out my Pan Fried Sicilian Dough Recipe for Ooni Pizza Ovens!

The Dough Process
Let dough relax for 30 minutes to 1 hour then portion and roll.
Place in bowl coated with olive oil, and cover.  Refrigerate overnight.  Pull dough out of refrigerator and allow to come up to room temperature.  Gently press dough out on counter top into a rectangle shape (don't use a rolling pin, just pads of fingertips).  Allow to rest for 10 minutes.  Gently stretch further.  Repeat resting and pressing until the dough is comfortably the size of the bottom of the pan.  Allow to rest for 10 minutes and place in pan which is greased around the perimeter with crisco/lard on side and about an inch around  the bottom perimeter.  Finally, pour about 3 tablespoons of peanut oil in the center of the pan, but do not allow it to run out to the edges.  Place the dough in the pan and "pin" it against the side of the pan "sticking it" to the crisco/lard.  Allow to raise for 4 hours at room temperature, or turn your oven on to 300 degrees and allow the dough to raise more quickly on-top of the stove from the residual heat.  Once the dough rises to about 2 inches thick, press down by making dimples with your oiled fingertips.  Allow to raise again for another 30 minutes to an hour.  See the video below for details on handling the dough.

Whole Peeled Roma Tomatoes

Wisconsin White Cheddar Land O Lakes

Other Ingredients
Peanut Oil
Sweet Onions

Tools Needed
10" x 14" Pan (I use these pans)
Stand Mixer (I use this Mixer)
Bowl or Box to Proof Dough (I use these Boxes)
Cookie Cooling Rack (I use this Rack)
Baker's Scale (I use this Scale)

Baking Temp 475
Middle Shelf (Can be cooked directly on oven rack, but using a large rectangular pizza stone preheated for at least 1 hour will provide better results)

Check out my Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza Recipe specially developed for Ooni Pizza Ovens!

Two Options to Assemble and Bake 

This full length video will walk you through every single step in the process, including both options (The Simpler, and the More Authentic):

Follow these steps for the SIMPLEST Process.  This process will yield a fluffier, crunchier crust that is uniform throughout.  Or see below for the more authentic way to make it!

Step 1 - Prepare Dough, portion, ball, allow to proof (see video above)

Step 2 - Parbake Crust (Parbake until crust turns ever so slightly tan/brown and you can press lightly with a finger and the dough bounces back.  The idea is to make sure the dough can support the weight of the sauce and cheese without collapsing)  Note: If you want that charred cheese caramelized around the edge, you should sprinkle cheese against the perimeter of the pan before parbaking. 

Step 3 - Add Sauce, Onions (under cheese, if desired), Cheese

Step 4 - Bake Until Golden Brown

Step 5 - Allow to cool, cut and enjoy

ALTERNATE - Follow these steps for a MOST AUTHENTIC CRUST.  This process will yield a crisp bottom and chewy interior.

Step 1 - Prepare Dough, portion, ball, allow to proof (see video above)

Step 2 - Apply sauce to raw, risen dough by hand very gently (don't use a ladle).  Also add sweet onions at this point in the process.
STEP 2: Raw dough covered with sauce and sweet onions.
Step 3 - Add Cheese
STEP 3: Cover with Cheese (You can use sliced or shredded cheese. Many of the pizzerias use sliced, but I like the results of shredded when baked in a home oven.
Step 4 - Bake Until Golden Brown
Add some toppings if you like while baking!

Step 5 - Allow to cool, cut and enjoy


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