Pizzaioli Come Together to Throw Pizza Dough Around the World!

Pizzamakers Across the Globe Come Together to COVID-19 Quarantine to Entertain by Passing Dough

Dough Around the World includes 40 Pizzaioli from all Over the Globe!
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to stay at home orders and the closures of many restaurants, including pizzerias.  With the world isolated in lockdown, Adam Tucker of Mifflin Pizza in the tiny town of Mifflinville, Pennsylvania came up with an idea to have some fun and bring the pizza world together.  His idea quickly came to fruition as pizza guys and gals of all ages joined in to throw dough around the world!
Click the YouTube Video Below to See all of the talented pizza spinners!

Adam is a very talented and skilled pizza spinner in his own right as you can see on his instagram, facebook, and tiktok pages.  He wanted to give others a chance to show their skills and personalities in a joint effort to have fun together to entertain people.  It was a lot of long hours planning, organizing, communicating, editing, and putting it all together, but the end result is more than 8 minutes of pure pizza tossing entertainment!  Check out the interview below for what inspired Adam to undertake this creative endeavor.

NEPA Pizza Podcast: I interviewed Adam Tucker, the creator of the Pizza Dough Toss Around the World!  (Click the YouTube video below)

Listen as I discuss the Pizza Toss around the World Live on Froggy 101 with Doc and Jessie! (Click Play)


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