NEPA Pizza Review Celebrates 8 Years of Covering Local Pizza!

Reflecting on 8 Years of Eating, Making, and Reviewing Pizza!

Jim Mirabelli of NEPA Pizza Review celebrates 8 full years of blogging about local pizza!
8 YEARS! Eight years ago on this day I sat down and began my venture into blogging. I had no idea what I was doing, I was a little embarrassed to admit I was even writing a blog, and really never expected anyone to care about what I was doing. I did know I had a real passion for both making and pizza as well as a desire to express my thoughts about it in writing. I enjoy creating and I wanted to write and maintain a website as a hobby and an outlet for myself to stay busy.

Back then I was an "anonymous secret shopper" who took horrible quality pictures with his flip phone camera and wrote choppy and meandering articles about pizzas I had eaten. I had no experience in social media, running a website, photography, videos, or really anything about running a blog - but I did love to learn! I observed what others did, read articles, attended NEPA BlogCon, started networking with people, and talking to those who were running successful blogs for years before I decided to give it a try. I made mistakes, I learned from them, I improved, I learned, I tried to stretch into areas that were either not in my wheelhouse or I didn't have a passion for, but always gravitated back to my core of writing and talking about pizza.


About 3 or 4 years ago, friends and followers kept suggesting that I start doing video reviews. I never had a desire to step in front of the camera as I was doing "my thing" writing and taking pictures. But I started to learn that not all people like to read a full length article, they want to see quick videos, pictures, and snippets. So I gave the videos a shot and they were well received and I kept going. 30 second videos in my car developed into full length 10+ minute youtube videos setup inside restaurants. My list of video review requests from pizzeria owners and readers started to grow and I knew that people were right, I had to move into videos to better serve this area and spread the word about the amazing pizza we have here locally.


Just recently the NEPA Pizza Review facebook page surpassed 10,000 likes, which was a pretty big accomplishment for a local blog with no budget! eclipsed 4,000,000 page views which is more than I'd ever imagined seeing. The instagram page is rapidly approaching 7,000 followers. NEPA Pizza Review was voted NEPA's Best Social Influencer and NEPA's Biggest YouTube Star for 2020 which were 2 really fun awards to bring home for the NEPA Nation.


Although all of the content you see on the NEPA Pizza Review website, YouTube channel, and social media is created, curated, edited, and posted by me I've had a ton of help along the way. First, the NEPA Nation, as I like to refer to my readers are an instrumental part of how NEPA Pizza Review works. You give me the recommendations of where the best pizza is, what type of videos you want to see next, and really provide content queues as to what you want to see next.

Custom designed Local NEPA Pizza Themed T-Shirts dreamed up by me and designed by WeTalkShirty!

I've also found Pizza Ron from We Talk Shirty who has joined me on quite a few pizza reviews in the last year and he adds an entertaining, energetic, and humorous dimension to each pizza video. He's also helped make my pizza shirt design dreams a reality by facilitating the NEPA Pizza Review Merch store!

It's been nearly a year that I've taken to the airwaves weekly with Froggy 101's Doc and Jessie to talk pizza. These fellow pizza lovers provide a fun and unique platform to discuss the great pizza in this area and help support small businesses.

Looking Ahead

NEPA Pizza Review continues to grow at rates beyond my wildest dreams. At its core, the mission is to connect people and pizza, support small business, teach the art of pizza, and to put the great pizza we have in NEPA on the national map. This is an ambitious agenda for what amounts to a hobby for me, and I don't know what medium and forms the content and outreach will take in the future, but I will say I will stick to these core values and continue to listen carefully to the NEPA Nation and what they want to hear, see, and read about as it pertains to local pizza! Thanks everyone and here is to many more years of sharing pizza stories and memories!

A special thanks to the First Lady of NEPA Pizza, The Pizza Princess, and the Pizza Prince who all put up with and support my pizza obsession and regularly contribute!


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