Dugan's Pub - Luzerne

Dugan's Pub Serving Top Notch Pizza and More! The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza at Dugan's Pub in Luzerne is on par with the big name...

Stuccio's Pizzeria - Berwick

Stuccio's Shows Why Berwick is a Hotbed for Great Pizza Stuccio's Pizzeria in Berwick, PA has been serving these beautiful looki...

Lino's Pizza - Kingston

Lino's Grandma Provides a Great Slice on the Run Lino's Pizza in Kingston always has slice pies ready to go so you can grab a go...

Popsy's Pizzeria - Old Forge

Old Forge's Newest Pizzeria Creates Tasty Round Pies Where the Rest Make Square Trays! The Strohman Special (Pan Fried Cheesesteak P...

Turco's Pizza - New Castle

One Man Was So Amazed by NEPA Pizza That He Decided to Open Up His Own Pizzeria on the Other Side of the State! Turco's Pizza in New...

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