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The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza at Dugan's Pub in Luzerne is on par with the big names in fried pizza!

Until recently, Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza has essentially been a Luzerne County exclusive with only about 40 places serving it locally.  One place which has been serving it for years is Dugan's Pub in Luzerne, and judging by the high volume of people who have told me to try it over the years, I was pretty sure the pizza had to be good.  After all, some of my most reliable readers referred me to Dugan's!

As a first timer with a distance to drive, I figured I'd call in my order of a half tray of Sicilian and a dozen wings ahead of time, but the friendly voice on the phone told me it would be ready in 25 minutes so I requested more time for pick up.  I arrived almost to the minute and the pizza was ready and piping hot for curbside pickup as soon as I pulled in.  It appeared that (as of this writing) Dugan's was set up for takeout only with some limited outdoor seating.  I was impressed with the efficiency of their curbside service.

Find Dugan's Pub and many more on the List of Where to Find the Best Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza in NEPA!

As with all of my recent pizza pandemic reviews, I checked out the pizza right i the parking lot on the hood of the pizza mobile.  Steam bellowed from the pizza box as I opened it and the sweet aroma of onions hit me immediately.  Yes, I always order with onions (under the cheese is standard), but you can order with or without if you're in the anti-onion crowd.  The pizza looked magnificent with vibrant red sauce, nicely browned crust, and cheese which was fully melted to perfection.  There were even a couple wonderfully charred dough bubbles that caught my attention.

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The crust was super soft in the middle and lightly crisp on the bottom.  The edges were crunchy and had the most intense flavor.  The biggest question I receive on this style of pizza is, "Is it greasy?"  And the answer is, absolutely not.  This particular pizza had very little detectable grease.  Using (or retaining) less oil may have sacrificed some degree crispiness, but I know having no grease is highly desirable by many in the NEPA Nation, so if you're looking for a fried pizza without the heavy grease Dugan's is probably for you!

A half tray of pan fried Sicilian = 9 cuts; full tray = 18 cuts.
The sauce was classic simple, chunky, slightly acidic, and complemented by diced onions - what I like to call "Exactly what a pan fried Sicilian sauce should be!"  The sweet onions provided some great flavor and wonderful texture.  The cheese brought and held it all together - the glue of the entire tray.  Overall, this was a very god pizza, one that was worth a 45 minute drive and certainly one that I confidently recommend to the NEPA Nation.

An order of Hot Wings at Dugan's Pub in Luzerne, Pa.

I'll also note that the wings were very good.  Meaty, crispy, and a tasty classic buffalo sauce.  My one wish was that the wings were completely tossed and covered in sauce, but I was able to do that myself without issue.  I was appreciative that they did poke holes in the styrofoam container which lets the steam out and allows the wings to stay crispy, not to mention prevent overcooking in the packaging.  They were still perfectly crispy and juicy when I got home.  For more information, visit Dugan's Pub facebook page.

The Ratings

Restaurant: Dugan's Pub
Location: Luzerne, PA
Date: August 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out
Pizza Ordered: Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza w/onions
Price: $1.55 per cut; $24.00 per tray (18 cuts)

Crust: 8.1
Sauce: 7.7
Cheese: N/A
Overall Taste: 8.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 5
Similar to: Checkerboard Inn, Plains PubShandra's


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