Turco's Pizza - New Castle

One Man Was So Amazed by NEPA Pizza That He Decided to Open Up His Own Pizzeria on the Other Side of the State!

Turco's Pizza in New Castle, PA was inspired to open after Nick Turco tasted Pizza Perfect in Trucksville and started out on a journey to make his own version of the pan fried Sicilian Pizza.
Pan fried Sicilian Pizza is something special and unique to NEPA, until my friend Nick Turco was so inspired by his experiences eating it that he began a journey to learn how to make the pizza and has now opened his own pizzeria in Western Pennsylvania - Turco's Pizza! Learn about his journey and have a look at his amazing pizzas. Check out the video below to learn all about Nick's Pizza adventure from tasting the pizza to opening his shop!

To learn more about Turco's Pizza, you can check out their amazing pizza creations on their Instagram Page.

Nick's Pizza is cooked in a lloyd's pan, which helps to evenly "fry" and brown the bottom into a crispy, crunchy, and crazy tasty fried sicilian pizza!
Nick Turco brings a style of pizza that had always been unique to Luzerne County, PA across the state to Western PA.
The thing that really sets Pan Fried Siclian Pizza apart from other styles of pizza is that it is cooked in a pan with generous amounts of oil, many times peanut oil, which gives the bottom a "deep fried" texture and taste.
The crunch of the crust as the huge pizza knife slices through a Turco's Pizza is distinct and unmistakable!
People fight over the corner pieces because they have the most pan fried flavor and crunch!


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