Best Hot Wing Pizza in NEPA According to Locals!

NEPA Locals Say These Places Have the Best Hot Wing Pizza!

Sometimes people want more than just a plain cheese pizza, and after talking with thousands and thousands of NEPA Locals over the years, I can conclusively say that a ton of people love Buffalo Chicken Pizza in the 570!  There's no one way to make a Hot Wing Pizza, and like all things pizza in NEPA there is a huge variety and massive selection.  

So I asked the NEPA Nation, "Who has the best Hot Wing Pizza in NEPA?"  These are the places they named.  Please comment with any you think should be added.  We'll also do a fun poll after we have named as many good pizzas as possible!  THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! 

Note: NEPA Pizza Review did not create the list, I just compiled the suggestions received!

Benny's - PeckvilleNello's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre
Nickie's Fabulous Hoagies - Clarks SummitKidder Street Deli - Wilkes-Barre
Basilico's - Scranton & Dickson CityBenny Fort - Forty Fort
Zaleski's Clubhouse - ScrantonFranco's - Wilkes-Barre
Rosario's Pizzeria - Clarks SummitPizza Heaven - Luzerne
Laura's Pizza - Scott TownshipPizza Bella - Luzerne Co./Multi Locations
Electric City Pizza - ScrantonBeer Boys - Wilkes-Barre
Mary Lou's - Old ForgeSpare Time Pizza - Dallas
Drinker Pizza - DunmoreTogoz Pizza - Wyoming
Nicholas Pizza - ScrantonVito's Bistro - Pittston
Mickey Gannon's - ScrantonAntonio's Pizza - West Pittston
Mama Mia's - Scranton
Dino's Pizza Wyoming Valley Mall - Wilkes-Barre
Stonewalls Pizza - ScrantonGerry's Pizza - Wilkes-Barre
Mainline Pizza - Dickson CityPizza L'Oven
Union Craft House - TaylorRed's Subs and Pizza - Sweet Valley
Fratelli's - ScrantonRoseanna's - Scranton
Cosmo's on Oak - ScrantonIndian Lake Spirits - Wilkes-Barre
Nina's - Dunmore/Multi LocationsApple Tree House - Pittston
McGrath's Pub - Dalton
Roberto's Pizzeria - ScrantonColumbia County
Summit Slice - Clarks SummitMifflin Pizza - Mifflinville
Two Brothers Pizza - Dunmore

Results of above lists are a combination of a post requesting reader input on the NEPA Pizza Review Facebook Page and an informal survey NEPA Pizza Review put out a little while back.  Results are not final, I am still soliciting additional suggestions!


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