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Apple Tree House Has One of the Best Hot Wing Pizzas in NEPA!

Hot Wing Pizza (Photo Credit: Apple Tree House Facebook Page)

NEPA has a massive variety of pizza styles and gourmet toppings to choose from.  Perhaps among the most popular local gourmet pizzas is the Hot Wing Pizza.  Also referred to as Buffalo Chicken Pizza, these pizzas can come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties, but they generally have 4 components: buffalo sauce, boneless chicken, cheese, and a crust.  People's preferences of how they prefer their Hot Wing Pizza prepared vary widely, but a number of people in the NEPA Nation have consistently told me about their preference for the Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Apple Tree House Restaurant in Harding.

Hot Wing Pizza at Apple Tree House in Harding, PA.

Apple Tree House is perhaps a lesser known restaurant near Pittston that I myself don't know much about except people constantly talk about the Hot Wing Pizza!  Other than using the Kayak launch on the Susquehanna River across the street, I have yet to visit the establishment, but thanks to a good friend who brought me a tray of Apple Tree Hot Wing Pizza I finally had the chance to try this fabled and mysterious pizza!

Before I give my opinion on this pizza, I should probably state my preferences in what I look for in a Hot Wing Pizza.  As my readers know, I'm more of a plain cheese pizza guy which I guess makes me a bit of a pizza "purist" in some respects.  When it comes to a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, I want the opposite of plain - loads of gooey cheese, tons of chunky chicken, runny buffalo sauce, and a sturdy crust.  Basically, I want an indulgent mess of flavor and calories and I'm not looking for artisanal qualities, just deliciousness!  Some people like celery on their hot wing pizza - not me.  Ranch and bleu cheese are optional for me, but I like a dash of it if integrated properly.  What are your hot wing pizza preferences?!
A look at the golden brown crust on the Hot Wing Pizza at Apple Tree House.

Just for further information on local hot wing pizza, besides Apple Tree, the other most popular suggestion I receive for the best buffalo chicken pizza is at Spare Time Pizza in Dallas.  Two favorites that I've had over the years were at a little bait shop in Kingsley (Susquehanna County) near Acre Lake and McGrath's Pub in Dalton.  The common thread between these two pizzas was that they are constructed atop premade Old Forge shells, have a tasty buffalo sauce, and they load it up with cheese and chicken!  Apple Tree House's pizza was no different.

When my buddy first handed me the box, it was noticeably very heavy and I saw why once I opened the lid!  It was absolutely smothered in cheese, sauce, and large chunks of chicken as you can see in the photos.  One note about the photos is that these were taken 45 minutes to an hour after it was made so the cheese did congeal a bit.  My friend who is an Apple Tree veteran and picked up the pizza notes that it is gooey and very saucy when you first get it so take that into consideration when examining the photos!

The hot wing sauce was unique, fairly sweet with a little bit of zip.  It was comfortably mild for those of you who aren't so much into spicy foods.  The sauce reminded me of Nina's mild sauce with a bit more tomato added to it.  The cheese blend I would guess included a cheddar of some kind, but beyond that let's just call it delicious!  There was a little bit of bleu cheese under all of the toppings which added some variation and creaminess to the mix.  The crust was your standard Old Forge shell and was cooked lightly, crisply, but still left a nice chew in the middle.

Overall, this pizza was absolutely delicious and provided everything I look for in a hot wing pizza.  I absolutely understand why so many people recommended this pizza to me and a big thanks to all of you who commented and messaged me about it!  

Restaurant: Apple Tree Restaurant
Location: Harding, PA
Date: October 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Hot Wing Pizza (12 cuts)
Price: $18.00
Crust: 7.3
Sauce: 7.9
Cheese: 7.8
Overall Taste: 9.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 7.3
Similar to: Acre Lake, McGrath's, Hotel Almont


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