Mummy Stromboli is the Halloween Treat the Kids Will Love to Make!

 Eerily Simple Mummy Stromboli Recipe is Super Spooky and Tasty!

Mummy Stromboli is the easy to make Halloween Treat that the family will love to make (and eat)!

Halloween is typically a time for trick-or-treating and candy, but more and more people are getting creative with their Halloween-themed foods!  This year is a great year to make spooky treats at home with the whole family.  I saw a photo of a similar-looking dough mummy on pinterest and was inspired to give it a MUMMY STROMBOLI a try and put my own spin on it.  It was really easy and only needed a few ingredients!

A finished Mummy Stromboli complete with olives for eyes!

What You'll Need


  • Rolling Pin
  • Pizza cutter (or knife)
  • Baking Pan or Screen
  • Basting Brush for Oil


  • Pizza Dough - you can make your own, or buy from grocery store or local pizzeria.
  • Cheese - use your favorite cheese blend.  I used mozzarella, provolone, and brick cheeses in this Mummy Stromboli.  If you can find it at your local deli or food warehouse, brick is an awesome cheese because it stays gooey and has great flavor.
  • Toppings - you can use anything you like.  If you don't want any toppings, just use cheese and season with a little garlic and oregano.  I made this one with pepperoni and honey ham.  Onions, mushrooms, salami, sausage, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of are also great options.  You can even make a Desert Mummy Boli by adding chocolate, marshmallows, nutella, candy or anything else that you want to experiment with!  Use M&M's for eyes!
  • Olive Oil - oil will make the mummy brown and crisp up nicely and give it some additional flavor. If you don't have olive oil, canola or vegetable oils are suitable replacements
  • Olives - sliced black or green olives will make great eyes.  For those who don't like olives, the center rings of an onion, chunks of green peppers, or little pieces of pepperoni will do!

How to Make a Mummy Stromboli

  1. Use rolling pin to roll out doughYou can use any amount of dough you like depending on how large of a mummy stromboli you want to make.  The optimal shape is basically a square or rectangle as you can see in the video above.
  2. Use the pizza cutter to cut strips 1/3rd of the way in toward the middle from either side, leaving the middle 1/3rd intact.  You want the cut lines to be parallel as these will form the "mummy bandages."  See the video above for technique.
  3. Layer cheese and toppings in the center (uncut) area of the dough.  You should have enough toppings to form the mummy's body.  You will wrap the dough strips around the body in the next step.
  4. Wrap the mummy with the strips of dough.  Don't try to make the strips symmetrical, even, or perfect because mummy's don't look perfect.  Also leave a gap in the strips about 3/4ths of the way toward the mummy's head to leave room for the eyes.
  5. Place Eyes and Brush With OilUse a basting brush or your hands to spread oil on the mummy.  Place 2 olive slices in the gap you left in step 4.
  6. Bake at 450.  As you can see in the video, I used 550 degrees for an oven temp, this is a matter of preference for me.  Most people will find 450 is a great temperature.  Bake for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the size of the mummy you choose to create.
  7. Enjoy!

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