Nickie's Hoagies - Clarks Summit

Nickie's Hoagies Might Have the Best Pizza Deal in Town!

Nickie's Hoagies offers a daily pizza special for only $10 per tray!

I've been eating Nickie's hoagies for the better part of 15 years dating back to when they had location in downtown Scranton, and at their former location "on the hill" next in Clarks Summit.  They are now located in the same plaza as Manning's Ice Cream and Eagle Cleaners - 2 other awesome small businesses that I enjoy being a customer of!  The allure of Nickie's for me has always been convenience, value, and taste.  They have been known for their low price, premade Italian hoagies that you can grab and go, but one look at the sign on the front of the building alerts you to the fact that they offer so much more including appetizers, salads, and most importantly PIZZA!

Every time I drop off or pick up my clothes at the dry cleaner, my friend Buddy always greets me and tells me to to try the pizza but my trips to Nickie's tend to include me grabbing a bag of chips and drink from the cooler, pointing to a hoagie in the case and getting back on the run.  I finally decided that I had to try the pizza.  

Nickie's Hoagies is located next to Eagle Cleaners in the same plaza as Manning's Ice Cream in Clarks Summit.

I thought ahead for this one and actually called to place my order.  Expecting the average 25-30 minute wait time for a pizza at many pizzerias, the gentleman on the phone said "we'll have it ready in 15 for you."  Thinking back about it, what else would I expect from a place that I frequent because of the efficiency of the transaction?  So I jumped in the pizza mobile faster than I had anticipated and tried to beat him to the 15 minute deadline.  I walked in and asked for my order and he already had it ready, steaming hot and ready to go!

Check out my video review of Nickie's Pizza below:

For the record, I didn't announce my arrival or pull out the "NEPA Pizza Review Card" (lol) on this visit so this was a 100% authentic experience like any other customer should expect.  For those that ask why I prearrange visits sometimes and why I don't others, it just boils down to time.  I'd love to sit and talk pizza all day with restaurant owners and pizza makers, but many times the schedule doesn't permit.  I also prefer not announcing in advance because it allows me to get a real pizza to review - that and many people simply don't care what some guy with a pizza problem and a website and YouTube channel about pizza has to say!

Golden brown crust on the pizza at Nickie's in Clarks Summit.

Upon my arrival, seeing the "Everyday Pizza Special $10" sign as I entered really peaked my interest as to what size the "square" pizza would be for that low price.  The box that was handed to me was a full-size Old Forge box and weighed roughly as much as an Old Forge pizza should weigh so I presumed I was receiving a pizza that typically sells between $13-$15 in NEPA for $10.  Upon opening the box, I confirmed that it was a full size pizza for $10 and this immediately became an exceptional value even if it was just OK pizza, but we don't judge a pizza by its cover or its price - we judge it by the rating criteria below!

So the pizza itself was pretty well constructed upon what I presume was a premade crust, with generous amounts of sauce and cheese on it.  The crust was cooked to a really nice golden brown and I noted that the bottom was cooked extremely uniformly brown which was nice to see.  The sauce was a bit sweet and tart, but seasoned appropriately and the cheese blend was light in flavor but balanced out the pizza.  Overall, I'd say it outperformed its $10 price tag and makes this an ideal pizza for parties, last minute gatherings, or a pizza that you can get really fast on a budget.

The bottom crust of the pizza was deeply and evenly browned.

I've also been told that their hot wing pizza is really good.  I have no doubt that's true after feasting on several of their hot wing hoagies over the years and now trying the pizza.  That will be something I look to try in the future.  I'll also say that their hoagies, whether you go for the grab and go or the made to order are delicious and affordable.  You can also sit in the comfortable chairs or at one of the tables they have inside if you wish.  They've got a TV and it makes for a cool spot to spend your brief lunch break!  

Overall, Nickie's provides great value, speedy service, and a quality product that makes them a convenient and affordable place to eat.  Give them a try the next time you're in town!

Restaurant: Nicki's Fabulous Hoagies
Location: Clarks Summit, PA
Date: October 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Old Forge Square Pizza
Price: $10.00
Crust: 7.3
Sauce: 6.4
Cheese: 6.9
Overall Taste: 6.8
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.9
Overall Value: 8.9


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