Roberto's Pizza and Restaurant - Scranton

Roberto's Serves a Saucy and Delicious Pizza With Quality Ingredients!

Roberto's Pizza is made with a high quality mozzarella cheese and other great ingredients!

Roberto's Pizza in Scranton is a place I've only been to once before way back in 2012 when I first founded NEPA Pizza Review!  A good friend of mine grew up on their pizza and reminded me that we needed to get back there to join him for a pie - so we did - socially distanced in the parking lot!  I was immediately reminded that I had been missing out on Roberto's saucy and delicious pizza for the last 8 years!

Roberto's Pizza can referred to "Saucy" as they are pretty generous with the application of their delicious and high quality sauce!

Check out my video review of Roberto's Pizza!
The first thing I'll say is that the pizza hasn't changed a bit from what I recall.  It might be easier for you to go back to my 2012 review to get the background information on Roberto's.  I want to talk about something else I noticed on my visit - quality ingredients.

A look at the golden brown crust - and that cheese pull!

Those that follow me on social media and my pizza making videos and tips know that my favorite tomatoes are made by Stanislaus.  While I was waiting for my pizza I noticed that there was a series of artwork on the wall containing Stanisalaus tomato signage and photos.  I immediately thought, you're pretty darn confident in your product if you proudly display the brand of ingredients you're using!  Now, I didn't speak to anyone so I didn't officially confirm that these tomatoes are used in the pizza sauce, but my experience with their products, my taste buds' memory, and my encyclopedic memory of previous pizzas I've eaten told me enough to be fairly certain that was the case.  Those same things also lead me to think that they are also using my favorite mozzarella cheese, but I didn't see anything on display so let's just say it is made with very high quality ingredients!

Roberto's in Scranton is always very generous with both their sauce and cheese application.  Their pizza is an exceptional value and a "party pleaser!"

Restaurant: Roberto's Pizza and Restaurant
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: October 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Large Pizza
Price: $10.75
Crust: 7.5
Sauce: 7.8
Cheese: 8.3
Overall Taste: 8.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 8.8
Similar to: Sacco's, Pasquale's


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