Best Pan Fried Sicilian Pizzas in NEPA 2021

Where to Find Amazing Fried Sicilian Pizza in NEPA 2021

NEPA Pizza Review has compiled the comprehensive guide to finding the best Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza in Pennsylvania!

Pan Fried Sicilian Style Pizza, or "Fried Sicilian" is a unique style of rectangular pizza that is commonly cooked in peanut or blend of oils to give the thick crust a crispy, deep fried texture.  This genre is sometimes referred to as "Back Mountain Fried Pizza" or "Victory Pig Style Pizza" after the original creator, Victory Pig Pizza and BBQ which opened in 1942.  Exclusively made in Luzerne County Pennsylvania until recently, this style can be found just a couple miles south of the self-proclaimed "Pizza Capital of the World" Old Forge, PA.

Locals refer to Pan Fried Sicilian (PFS) pizzas as "square" and they call a whole pizza a "tray" and a single slice a "cut."  One unique feature of the Fried Sicilian Pizza is that it generally comes with diced onions under the cheese by default, but it's up to you if you want it with or without sort of like a Philly Cheesesteak!

Although PFS pizza originated and is primarily found in Luzerne County, the style is growing rapidly.  Last year's list of PFS pizzerias contained 39 places making it and this year we are now up to 50 spots to get it, including one brand new place on the western side of Pennsylvania!

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Where we can get into great depth about the characteristics of Fried Sicilian Pizza, it's probably easier (and much more mouth-watering) to show you what these pizzas look like and where you can find them!  Below, you will find the list of 50 different pizzerias who offer the PFS Pizzas:

PhotoPizzeriaCityReview and RatingsWebsite
Back Road AlehouseSwoyersvilleWebsite
Cavaunagh's GrilleMountain TopWebsite
Ceccoli's PizzaWilkes-BarreSee ReviewWebsite
Checkerboard InnTucksvilleSee ReviewWebsite
Cheers CafeWest PittstonWebsite
Cosmo's on OakScrantonSee ReviewWebsite
Derff's PizzaSugar NotchWebsite
Dominick's CafeHudsonWebsite
Dugan's PubLuzerneSee ReviewWebsite
Ernie G'sAvocaSee ReviewWebsite
Fat Daddy's Bar & GrillLuzerneWebsite
Hunlock Creek TavernHunlock CreekWebsite
III Guys PizzaDallasSee ReviewWebsite
III Guys PizzaEdwardsvilleWebsite
III Guys PizzaMountain TopWebsite
Januzzi's PizzaDallasWebsite
Januzzi's PizzaExeterSee ReviewWebsite
Januzzi's PizzaWilkes-BarreSee ReviewWebsite
Keeley's Alehouse & GrillKingstonSee ReviewWebsite
Magda's Pizza & DeliWilkes-BarreSee ReviewWebsite
Marty's PizzaNanticokeWebsite
McAlpine Street PubDuryeaWebsite
Murphy's PubSwoyersvilleSee ReviewWebsite
Norm's PizzaWilkes-BarreSee ReviewWebsite
Octagon Bar & GrillPlymouthWebsite
Ole Tyme Charley'sPlainsSee ReviewWebsite
Pizza HeavenLuzerneSee ReviewWebsite
Pizza L'OvenExeterSee ReviewWebsite
Pizza L'OvenHanoverWebsite
Pizza PerfectTrucksvilleSee ReviewWebsite
Plains PubPlainsSee ReviewWebsite
Popsy's PizzeriaOld ForgeSee ReviewWebsite
Reese's Classic PizzaLarksvilleWebsite
Ricci's PizzaWilkes-BarreSee ReviewWebsite
Ripple's PizzaWilkes-BarreWebsite
Shady Side TavernDallasWebsite
Shandra's PizzaPittstonSee ReviewWebsite
Sicilian Bella FestaWest WyomingSee ReviewWebsite
Sizzle PiKingstonSee ReviewWebsite