Priceburg Pizza - Dickson City

New Pizzeria Serving Up Familiar Classics

New York Style and Grandma Style Slices from Priceburg Pizza in Dickson City, PA.

In the midst of a global pandemic which has forced closure of countless small businesses, it's refreshing to see new businesses entering the market.  Priceburg Pizza is among the area's newest pizzerias and is located on Main Avenue in Dickson City.  

A look at the thin and crispy crust of Priceburg's NY Style Pizza.

Priceburg is a small shop on the corner of Main St. and Boulevard Ave. near local hot spots Legends Saloon, Happy Valley Sports Bar, and Roseanna's Pizza.  They appear to be primarily take-out and delivery and have a number of ready made gourmet slice pies to pick from.  I had my eye on the grandma and NY style pizza, which they are most known for according to their menu and signage.

This was a quick review on the run with the intention to return so I grabbed a slice of each and hit the road.  A fresh slice which is reheated shortly after the cheese congeals on the slice pie is my favorite way to consume pizza, and these cuts met that definition.

Tasty New York Style pizza from Priceburg Pizza in Dickson City.

The service was fast and the folks that greeted me were very friendly.  I took my box to go and hopped back in the pizza mobile to try and both slices looked pretty good - well constructed, lightly browned, and with a familiar look and feel.  The slices were perhaps a bit on the small side which impacted my value score below a bit, but as I said they looked good and were far from being skimpy.

The grandma pizza at Priceberg is a must try when you visit!

The New York Style Pizza was just a rock solid classic NY Slice. It was easy to eat, nothing fancy, just grab it, fold it, and enjoy it!  The crust was my favorite part as it was thin, light, crisp, had little flop, and tasty.  The sauce and cheese flavors were pretty neutral as there were no particular flavors that really stood out to me, which makes this pizza what I like to call a "party pleaser" for all ages and pizza preferences to enjoy!

The grandma pizza had a medium thickness crust with a nice crispness on the bottom and was tender in the middle.  It provided a sturdy foundation for the hearty sauce, mozzarella cheese, and herbs.  The sauce had a really nice texture and the flavor was pretty neutral so I think it would play to a wide range of taste buds.

Overall, I'm glad I made a quick stop at Priceburg Pizza after several members of the NEPA Nation recommended it to me.  I feel I got only scratched the surface as there are a number of other types of pizzas, and all kinds of different menu items to try.  They have a super convenient location on Main Ave so if you're in that area, be sure to stop by as the pizza is very good!  Have you tried Priceburg Pizza yet?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Ratings

Restaurant:  Priceburg Pizza
Location: Dickson City, PA
Date: November 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: NY Style Pizza (slice)
Price: $
Crust: 7.7
Sauce: 7.5
Cheese: 7.7
Overall Taste: 7.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.9
Overall Value: 6.8
Similar to: Pasquale's, 

Pizza Ordered: Grandma Pizza (slice)
Price: $
Crust: 8.4
Sauce: 7.6
Cheese: 7.7
Overall Taste: 7.5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5
Overall Value: 6.7
Similar to: Basilico's


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