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DeMuro's White Pizza Among NEPA's Very Best

Look at that cheese stretch from the white pizza at DeMuro's Pizza in Pittston, PA!

Northeast PA is Home to Many Great White Double Crust Pizzas and DeMuro's Has the Locals Buzzing

Northeastern Pennslyvania is pretty well-known for their Old Forge Pizza, perhaps lesser known for their locally famous Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza (I'm trying to change that), but there is another type of pizza that is sort-of uniquely NEPA - the double crust white pizza (DCW)!  There is much debate over what to call this cheesy and delicious pocket of dough, but DeMuro's and many, many other local pizzerias in NEPA call it exactly that - "Double Crust White Pizza."  Being a local NEPA blogger who made pizza professionally for a decade and a half calling it DCW, I'll stick with that!

Call it Whatever You Want To - It's Delicious!

I'm proud that NEPA has it's own pizza vernacular.  The facebook video review I posted of this pizza ended up going pretty viral racking up hundreds of thousands of views.  The only thing with viral videos reaching all corners of the United States and beyond is that others don't see things the way we do in places like Pittston, PA.  They called it many things including: cheesy bread, calzone, stromboli, stuffed pizza, a pocket, and more.  Calzone was probably the most popular moniker given to this pizza, which isn't all that far off because of it's shape and appearance.  Although, a calzone really needs dollops of ricotta cheese inside to be called that. Coincidentally, DeMuro's calzone looks almost identical to their DCW pizza, but call it whatever you like - it's delicious!

A medium double crust white pizza at DeMuro's Pizza in Pittston, PA.

So onto the details.  DeMuro's has been in business since 1977 and is located at 10 William St, Pittston, PA 18640.  It's a small takeout restaurant which is easy to get to and has ample parking available.  They offer all types of food like traditional round pizza, stromboli, hoagies, dinners and salads, but the locals talk most about and have suggested to me their white pizza time and time again.  Over the years, DeMuro's is easily the white pizza people tell me to try the most.

I traditionally am not a white pizza fan - give me a plain cheese classic thin-crust pizza any day of the week!  I've been making efforts to listen to readers and review and feature the gourmet pizzas at each pizzeria that the NEPA Nation want me to try.  So NEPA Nation, this review is for you!

DeMuro's Round Pizza. Photo Credit: Google.

The Pizza Review

When I went in to pick up my pizza, everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  I let them know that I'd be doing a video and written review, but had no idea that it would take off like it did!  The box was quite heavy so it was obvious they weren't skimping on the 3 cheese blend as advertised on the menu.  I got it to back to the pizza mobile to check out and the pleasant aroma of the herbs and spices overtook the vehicle.  I definitely smelled some rosemary, which is essential to every white pizza, but easy to overdo as is the case with the rest of the Italian seasonings - DeMuro's seasoned this thing just right!

A look underneath the crust of the white pizza at DeMuro's in Pittston, PA.

The crust was golden brown, and especially so on the bottom which was evenly cooked and had a little bit of a crispiness on the bottom.  The dough was light, crisp and flavorful but the star of the show was really the cheese.  Although I've been getting better at guessing which cheeses in the pizza, I think I'll decline to comment here and leave it a mystery.  Let's just say it was flavorful, buttery, stringy, creamy, gooey and all things wonderful!  Although the amount of cheese was generous, it still maintained a good cheese/dough/seasoning ratio which was important for both flavor and texture.  This indeed was a heavy pizza, but it didn't sit heavily after eating it.

 A look at the cheese blend oozing through the slices in the crust!

Overall, I found it to be really tasty and fun to eat.  The pizza guy let me know that adding hot peppers and tomato is a popular topping combination to add.  Many others cited broccoli, onions, and a number of other toppings which I have no doubt are delicious too!  I even suggested in the video that a side of sauce would be tasty to have as well.  It's great as is, but people love to customize it too!  Anyway, have you ever tried DeMuro's?  What did you think?  And what do you call this white pizza?!

The Ratings

Restaurant:  DeMuro's Pizza
Location: Pittston, PA
Date: January 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza OrderedMedium White Pizza
Price: $13.00
Crust: 7.3
Sauce: N/A
Cheese: 7.5
Overall Taste: 7.5
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.7
Overall Value: 7.1
Similar to: Colarusso's Cafe, Arcaro's the Next Generation, Salerno's Cafe, Duke's Pizza


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