NEPA Pizza Review Joins The Popko Project to Talk Pizza and More!

Local Radio Personality and Creator of The Popko Project Get Real about Pizza and NEPA

Jim Mirabelli of NEPA Pizza Review joins Johnny Popko on The Popko Project Podcast and find they have mutual love and respect for the Local NEPA Scene!

Jim Talks about His Pizza Journey, Early Love for Pizza Hut Book-It, Stoolies, and Local Love with Johnny Popko

Johnny Popko is a local radio personality whom I met a while back when we were both guests doing a pizza review on the You Wanna Pizza Me channel.  I've heard his on-air radio work covering the local music scene in NEPA, but never had the chance to really get to know him.  After sitting down with Johnny for an hour to talk all things 570, I learned a lot and found him to be an excellent interviewer, a genuine and authentic guy, and most importantly connected to the local NEPA community.

Jim and Johnny join the You Wanna Pizza Me? Guys to Review Januzzi's hot wing sicilian pizza!

You can check out his website here where he hosts all of his podcasts, links to his social media channels, and features local music from local artists in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  I even learned that an old (local) friend of mine had created his own music!  Check out Sleeplore on facebook to check out his two singles I highly recommend!

Welcome to episode 16 of The Popko Project podcast where I'm joined by Jim Mirabelli, the man behind the wildly popular, informative, and successful NEPA Pizza Review. Jim is an NEPA native who has been doing pizza reviews under NEPA Pizza Review for 9 years now. One of his pizza review videos has recently surpassed 280,000 views. While reviewing pizza is not his full time gig and what he calls a hobby, he has a huge impact on local pizza venues in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. We talk about how he started, why he does what he does, and for no financial gain whatsoever, the hate he gets from the Barstool Sports "stoolies", what he has coming up, and more! Glad to have Jim here in Northeastern, Pennsylvania being a champion for our beloved pizza and local businesses. I consider him to be the OG when it comes to pizza reviews in NEPA. Do yourself a favor and follow him to be in the know for pizza and even recipes as he not only reviews pizza but also offers guidance on how to cook!


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