Lighthouse Inn - West Wyoming, PA

The Lighthouse Inn Has One of the Best Patios in NEPA!

Click the video below for my review live from the Lighthouse Patio!

The Lighthouse Inn has one of the best Patios in NEPA!  So comfortable, with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of shade!

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The marinara sauce on the Lighthouse Pizza makes this perhaps the record-holder for the heartiest and pizza sauce I've ever tried.

Old Forge Style pizza shell, hearty marinara sauce, lightly cooked cheese on the pizza at Lighthouse Inn in West Wyoming.

The uniquely shaped bar allows for conversations to be had among all patrons.  We made several new friends on this visit!

Restaurant: The Lighthouse Inn
Location: 1019 Shoemaker Ave, West Wyoming, PA 18644
Date: July 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: 6 Cut Red Pizza
Price: $6.50


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